I thought it would be nice to start this series with Berlin, my favorite city in the world (so far) and give you a personal insight about what to eat, see and do in this awesome city. I lived there for five intense and wonderful months. I learned a bit of German, made friends for life, had some cultural clashes and, more important than anything else, I got pregnant of my first child!

I’ve been to some German cities and I can tell you that Berlin is unique. It sets apart from other German cities in several aspects: it has a multicultural environment; it’s dirty, grey and not so ordered (but cleaner and way more organized than other places outside of Germany); the atmosphere is relaxed, not so strict as usually it is in the rest of Germany. Berlin has a decadent appearance but is in fact quite safe.

berlin_miniguide_skylineIn my humble opinion, Berlin is a city to be enjoyed, not just visited. And it is very easy to enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer, since it is one of the cheapest capitals of Europe. Personally, I am not a big fan of spending one morning inside a museum, but if you are, don’t worry, there are plenty of very good museums to be visited in this great and marvelous city. For me, riding a bike or just seat in a terrace observing everything and everyone is the best way to absorb the city’s vibe.


Here’s a list of places where you can have delicious meals for very good prices. I still have a lot to explore and discover in Berlin, in the meantime these are my favorite restaurants. I tried to include different types of food and of course some traditional German food too. The traditional Berliner food is Currywurst, a sausage with tomato sauce and curry on top garnished with fries. You can eat it everywhere on the street and food markets. Since it is fast food I didn’t include any specific place where you can eat it. Click the links to go directly to each restaurant web page or, in case there’s none, the YELP review page.



Here’s a list of historical landmarks, places to see, museums to explore, all of what Berlin is known for, after all. They are all linked to Wikipedia. I’ve been to all of them but my favorites are definitely Alexander Platz and the Tiergarten.



This is my favorite part of this post! The part where I share with you my favorite things to do and places to enjoy in Berlin. As I told you before, I much rather lay on the grass of a park than spend an entire morning inside a museum.


And that’s it! Of course there are a lot more places you can visit, things to do or restaurants to try, but naturally I don’t know all of them. I hope these small lists of mine can help you in any way, though 😉

So, without further delay, here it goes, your free downloadable Berlin mini travel guide! Download it here or just click the image bellow.

berlin mini guide


If you get the chance to use this Mini Travel Guide, please let me know! You can use the tag #PMHminitravelguide in case you decide to post some pictures using it in your travel. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable!
(Para os meus leitores de língua portuguesa: há uns meses, escrevi uma série de artigos sobre Berlim, para o blog Fotoviajar. Vão lá ver! Vale mesmo a pena! Estão todos aqui.)

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