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This past weekend we flew to Geneva to see our friends. My husband was really missing Switzerfrance‘s mountains landscape AKA The Alps – Switzerland – and The Jura – France, so when he found really cheap flights (thanks EasyJet! #notsponsored) and proposed taking advantage of a holiday of course I couldn’t say no to a long weekend getaway!

The only problem with these cheap flights is the crazy departure times… We flew to Geneva on Friday at 07h30 am, meaning we had to wake up at 03h30 am, and we flew back to Berlin on Monday at 20h45 pm, which meant getting into bed at 12h30 pm. Poor Olivia! My daughter is a champion! Every time we travel she never complains and she’s always happy and excited. She’s awesome! In the airplane she “reads” the magazines, checks several times the security procedures flyer and then, when the plane is taking off, she falls asleep and sleeps for almost the entire flight. Sometimes, not usually though, she doesn’t sleep, but when that happens she’s also very calm, she just wants to check everything and everyone out, or she watches videos on the phone and eats.

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Lately I’ve been feeling really stressed out, burned out, tired… you name it. My husband even suggested I was suffering from sleep deprivation (no sh*t?!?) because I’ve been really cranky (mostly with him, poor guy). So this weekend came just in the right moment! It was perfect! I felt so relaxed, happy to see very good friends, breathe the mountains air, be amazed by the landscape and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life, without worrying about house chores, German bureaucracy, Olivia’s kindergarten, plans, goals and projects, etc. etc.

Starting the weekend with a picnic!

We arrived to Geneva before 9 am, our friend Antonio picked us up from the airport and we went to his place where Lucía and the kids were waiting for us. They had everything prepared to have a picnic in the Mont Salève 🙂

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We had lunch, the kids ran and played freely in the nature, it was a great morning! The weather was spectacular! I felt sooooo relaxed!

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After lunch we adults craved for a coffee so we packed everything and hit the road to the closest cafe. I ordered an ice cream but I shared it with three kids so I didn’t have time to take a photo of it 😀 We sat in a terrace with a beautiful view and I simply disconnected, it felt awesome!

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After the coffee we went back to Saint Genis Pouilly (the town we lived in for more than two years before), where we took the children to the playground, and then we went back home, tired although very relaxed.

This was a 4 day weekend!

On Saturday we took the tram and went to Geneva to spend the day. Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef was happening so there were a lot of events going on in the city during all day. We walked a bit and then had a picnic in a park. After lunch we attended this party/event promoted by Chiquita. It had bouncing air castles and a lot of other fun activities for children. We had a blast! It was the second day Olivia was missing her afternoon nap, but who cares?!?! She was always happy and very active, we were surprised! By the end of the day she was simply KO, poor girl.

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After that we had an ice cream in a terrace nearby and then we took the children to an awesome playground. I was too busy playing with Olivia to take photos, once again I apologize #not 😉 The day was already ending and the little ones needed to have dinner, so back home we went.

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The husbands took care of the children while Lucía and I went to have dinner with the moms from CERN Toddlers Group. I had an amazing time and talked a lot with a lot of different women, I really enjoyed the dinner and I realized how much I missed those ladies. Once again, no time for photos, sorry about that. I went to bed at 1 am whoohoo \o/ exhausted but very happy.


On Sunday we had planned to do some shopping and having lunch with other friends. It was the most relaxed day we had this long weekend and I loved it! We bought good coffee (from DELTA, a Portuguese brand, simply the best!), Marie biscuits (very important for the survival of a Portuguese child 😀 ) some beer and wine. We went to have lunch with our dear friends Ana Marta and Quim. It was lovely to see them again. I didn’t realize I missed them so much until I spent half a day with them. We ate a lot, drank a bit more than enough and went to a playground with Olivia. We sat on the grass and just talked. I had the best time!

After that we went home, where Olivia played and we laid back a bit on the couch, just chillin’ 😉 Well, I prepared the last blog post, but that’s just fun.


Monday was the last day of our long weekend and a fairly calm day as Joaquim and Antonio had to work. They went to CERN, Lucía and Antonio’s children went to the kindergarten and I stayed with Olivia and Lucía. The three of us did some shopping and then went to have lunch at CERN, all together, like old times! After lunch Olivia took a nap, the only one she had during the entire weekend, my champion! Around 6 pm we went to pick up Joaquim and went straight to the airport to fly back to Berlin.

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Although I mentioned a lot of brands and products, this post was not sponsored in any way. I wish it had been though…


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