Yeah, basically it’s this, I’ll be on vacation in Portugal the entire month of July and I won’t post on packmahome until the 4th of August.

I need time to relax so I can accomplish every goal I set on my Summer Bucket List (includes a free printable so you too can make your own).

I also need time away from the blog so I can clear my mind and bring on the creativity. I want to plan new things and bring fresh content when I come back. I want to make some changes and work on the backstage of the blog. I want to keep learning and improve my blogger skills. I want to do a gazillion things for which I need time and freedom without the responsibility of posting twice a week.

During the month of July I won’t publish new blog posts nor send any newsletter, although I might be present on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 😉 We can always stay in touch through those channels.

So that’s it! Enjoy your Summer! I know I’ll enjoy mine! See you around!

I’m on vacation, baby!

vacations mode on!-8

vacations mode on!-4

vacations mode on!-5

vacations mode on!-6


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