mini travel guides

My goal with this Mini Travel Guide series is to share with you useful and straightforward information about the cities I’ve lived in already. Every now and then you can expect a new city mini guide filled with my favorite restaurants, places to enjoy and activities to do.

In these city mini guides you shouldn’t expect to find historical facts or detailed descriptions about places or monuments. Nor restaurants or other businesses reviews. I just want to share with you my honest opinions and sincere recommendations about where to go, what to see, what to do and where to eat.

Each Mini Travel Guide consists of one A4 sheet of paper, printed on one side and folded two times so it can be used as a small book. You’ll find three lists: Eat (where to have your meals), Visit (historical and interesting landmarks) and Enjoy (my favorite spots and activities).

If you get the chance to use a Mini Travel Guide, please let me know! You can use the tag #PMHminitravelguide in case you decide to post some pictures using one in your travel. I hope you find them useful and enjoyable!