I love to travel. When I’m not traveling I love to think about traveling. If I can’t travel, I like to write about it. And design pretty free printables on Canva for my readers 🙂 I’m obsessed, I know. But I’m happy this way, so just let me dream of my next trip and design a bit more, ok? 



In a couple of weeks we’ll be flying to Portugal for vacation and let me be honest, I can’t wait for it! By now I can only think about the nice weather, the sand between my toes and my salty hair from going to the beach, the fish I’ll eat with my family and how relaxed I’ll feel. I need to rest and disconect. I have to admit that I’m also eager to take some time off of the blog. I need to recharge my batteries of creativity, if you know what I mean. I want to work on the blog without the pressure of publishing every week.

So let me apologise if today I only have another free printable wall art to give to you 😉 I can’t think about a better thing to do right now… I don’t feel like doing anything else, sorry.


Traveling, what a nice subject to write about, don’t you think? I would like to write a lot more about traveling, but not just about the trips I make here and there, nor just to be able to make guides about the cities I’ve lived in so far.

I want to expand my writing and talk about other things that involve traveling, such as how to travel in a low budget or what to pack for each trip and so on. I also want to continue cooking the food of the countries we visited, like I did here, and I already have a list of recipes to share.

But I want to do more. I want to cover more and write more and be different. That’s where you come in 🙂 What would you like me to cover about traveling? Which subjects do you want me to write that are travel related?

Also, do you have a story to tell? Do you want to share your experience while traveling? You are more than welcome! Packmahome’s doors are open and invites everyone willing to write about traveling!

My idea is to create new and fresh content while I’m offline in Portugal and your feedback would be grately appreciated. Feel free to drop me a comment down below 😉


But don’t you worry, this is not the last post before I leave for vacation, we still have a giveaway running (join here) and I’ll announce the winner next week. I also have some really cool things to show you before I leave, so stay tuned!



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