manifesto packmahome

I thought it was a nice idea to do a manifesto for packmahome. Since I’m taking this blogging thing seriously now, I found it useful to put in one place what I think about blogging and particularly about my blog. I made a poster, I printed it and put it on my wall so I can look at it and remember my principles. Keep reading…


MIX_hello world

Well hello there! I’m so excited to be here! Be very welcome to packmahome, my brand new blog.
This is not my first blog, in fact this is my fourth! I first started blogging in 2009, when I first moved abroad, with the sole purpose of documenting my life to my family and friends. Then I needed a place to show all my artistic creations, so I created another blog. After a while I stopped blogging because I was too focused in my day jobs (kindergarten teacher and Portuguese teacher), but my hands simply couldn’t stop creating and my mind couldn’t stop imagining new things to do, so I made another blog. Keep reading…