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A couple of weeks ago I watched “The Bucket List”, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, do you know that movie? Its beautiful! If you didn’t watch it, please do! Of course I started to think about my own big to-do list of things I want to accomplish before I’m gone. And so I went to my drawer, got my old notebook and reviewed it.

Don’t worry, I’m not dying nor planning to do so for the time being, but I do have a bucket list that keeps growing… A list of dreams and passions, things that I want do do before I die. Everybody has one, don’t they?

I think a bucket list is somehow very personal and unique. We all have different wishes, goals, passions and thanks to that each and every bucket list varies from person to person. But you already know that I like to share, so here it goes!


lena’s bucket list

My list is mostly related with traveling, learning and building, and has no specific order, I know I’ll accomplish all of the items on it when the time comes.

Learn to dance the tangoBUCKET LIST tango

Preferably in Argentina, though I think I’ll start here in Berlin, I just need to push Joaquim a little more. I have two left feet, as they say, but I don’t care! I’m one of those people that goes down when the teacher says up and right when it’s supposed to go left… Yeah, I’m pretty bad at coordination. But I don’t care! I find tango so appealing, sexy, beautiful, I really want to try it!

Spend one year traveling

BUCKET LIST one yearYou knew this one already, didn’t you? 😉 I even have the money math done, now I just need to get a bit crazier or wait for my children to grow up and leave the house. We’ll see which one wins…

I want to leave with just one bag, visit a ton of countries, spend some more time in others, trying to live like a local, mailing home the souvenirs I buy on my way and only comeback after one whole year! Won’t I be missing home? I don’t know and I don’t care, I just have a dream I need to accomplish.

Live in several countries

BUCKET LIST - abroadWell, this one I think I got it 😉 Though 4 countries seem so few that that’s why I keep this item on my bucket list. Wouldn’t it be great to live in 4 more? I don’t know… Let’s just see what life has reserved for me.

I consider living in a country when you start feeling like a local, when you know the not so tourist spots, when you have your routines established, when you have friends there, when you speak the local language and you start to understand jokes. I think it’s possible to accomplish all that when you live for at least 6 months in one place.

Open my own business

BUCKET LIST - businessI have so many ideas it’s crazy! But a couple of those are very permanent and keep appearing in my daydreams. I know some day I’ll be a business owner! Do I have an entrepreneur spirit? I really don’t know though I would love to find out!

Study ArtsBUCKET LIST - arts

I would love to go back to school to study arts! Anything arts related, really. I want to learn graphic design, illustration, industrial design, screen printing, pottery, painting, carpentry, and the list goes on and on…

Design and build my own houseBUCKET LIST home

Well, not design and build per se. More like hire an architect and a contractor and work with them to put my ideas into practice. For several years (more than 10) I have a pretty fixed idea of how I want my house to be and look like. I even have some drawings and some mood boards! And I know my husband will agree with every single idea I have 😉

Have a garden

Along with that little house of mine will come, of course, my own garden of fruits and vegetables.BUCKET LIST - garden I want to grow my food! I’m not very good with plants, but hey! I can learn! And I can ask for help from an expert too. In my garden I’ll have aromatic herbs, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlics, lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, spinach, apples, oranges, lemons, cherries, almonds, figs, blackberries, strawberries, etc etc etc you name it!

Visit every country in the world

How many are them?BUCKET LIST - world I want to visit them all, recognized as countries or not! I still have time, don’t I? If I spend one year traveling I can take off that list at least 9 or 10. Better having a few than none, right? When I think about this dream I get scared I won’t be able to cross it from my bucket list.

Camping with my family

BUCKET LIST - campingCan you believe Joaquim never camped? When I was a kid I used to camp with my mom, my sister and my mom’s friends, I have so many great memories of those times! Then, when I was a teen I belonged to an “adventure club” at school and every once in a while we used to camp in the wild during weekends. We would hike, climb, rappel, explore caves and all of those cool, fun activities. I loved those weekends and I truly miss those times!

BUCKET LIST - skydivingSkydiving

Who doesn’t want to skydive??? Although I think I leave this one for last… I guess this must be the most dangerous in my bucket list and I’m afraid I might really die. Just kidding 😀

Learn how to surf and scuba diving

BUCKET LIST - surfOk, they are two things but they both are related to the sea, so let’s roll with it. I grew up in a small town with many great beaches and it’s amazing how I never learned how to (at least) surf. Shame on you Lena! I tried sailing, windsurf and bodyboard with my uncles, but I never took those sports really seriously. And I regret that… Oh well…

Spend some time in a Spa

BUCKET LIST - spaAnd take care of me me me. I want to spend a couple of months in a spa practicing yoga, doing beauty treatments, sports, sauna, massage, uhohmmmmmm I really want to take some time to just focus on me. I want someone to prepare my healthy meals too. This is an old dream, it’s not just something that came with motherhood, trust me.

BUCKET LIST - rollercoasterRide the biggest, scariest and most dangerous rollercoaster in the world

Which is… I don’t even know! I guess I’ll have to travel and try some before I can decide 😉 And convince the hubby to come with me, that’s the hardest part hahaha

Bungee jumping from a bridgeBUCKET LIST bugee jumping

Since we are talking about adventure and craziness why not adding another fun thing to do to my bucket list?!? Now I’ve done bungee jumping already, but not the real scary one (the one where you shut your brain, close your eyes and jump from a bridge into the nothing). I think I’ll also leave this one to the end of my bucket list, you never know what may happen!

BUCKET LIST - great wallWalk the entire great wall

Is it possible to go through the entire Great Wall of China? I don’t even care! I just want to go there and explore and walk and rest and wander and dream. I just wanna go and that’s it!

And we’re done! Pheeewww! How about you? Do you have a bucket list too? Do you share any of the dreams I mentioned above? Tell me about it.
If you want, you can start making your own bucket list, here’s a free printable for that 🙂 Just click on the image on the left and the download should be immediate.


My Bucket List

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