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Well hello there! I’m so excited to be here! Be very welcome to packmahome, my brand new blog.
This is not my first blog, in fact this is my fourth! I first started blogging in 2009, when I first moved abroad, with the sole purpose of documenting my life to my family and friends. Then I needed a place to show all my artistic creations, so I created another blog. After a while I stopped blogging because I was too focused in my day jobs (kindergarten teacher and Portuguese teacher), but my hands simply couldn’t stop creating and my mind couldn’t stop imagining new things to do, so I made another blog.
You see, I’m very creative and I’m so full of new ideas that some nights I can’t even conciliate my sleep… My problem is putting those ideas into action. I lack the focus, motivation, organization and self discipline, so it’s really hard for me to be constant, regular and consistent with my blogs.

this time is for real!

But not this time! I really enjoy blogging! I love to create and I love to share those creations with the world!
After a lot of introspection I realized that one of the main reasons that was making me not being truly and completely compromised with my blogs was that I didn’t have a plan, some goals to achieve and I was not focused on taking my blog into a more serious business. I would blog about everything and anything that came to my mind and when people asked me what about my blog was I couldn’t give a straight answer.

Now I have packmahome! Here you can find me talking about:

  • my experiences while moving to different countries
  • how I turn a house into a home
  • traveling and weekend getaways
  • my nomad friends’ stories
  • and of course, other random stories that some times cross my mind

You can read more about me in my about page. You can visit my shop and take a look at what I create with my own hands. Or you can just start here and get completely hooked on my blog 😉 (fingers crossed!)

I’m so glad to have you here! I hope you get to stay around to follow all my adventures!

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