Hello there! Are you still there?
I’m still well and breathing in real life, even if I pushed the pause button on the 2.0 life…

No, I’m not back to packmahome, sorry. No. I’m just here to tell you that so much has happened since the last time I posted that I don’t feel I could go back to the blog like nothing had ever happened.

But I do miss my dear blog. I do miss sharing my moves, my travels, my DIY projects. I do miss creating some printables for you and all my planners. Although I stopped sharing all of these, I didn’t stop making stuff. I just had to choose.

Having my son with me the entire day meant that either I make blog stuff or I do stuff that I really ned to be done at home. Like this chest of drawers, for example.

My favorite chest of drawers of all time!

When I think of sharing something here on the blog I always end up super overwhelmed thinking of everything that that action involves, like taking good pictures of each step of the project, write the post, proofread it, edit it, sharing it on social media… And so I do nothing. That’s why I decided to continue to do my thing but skip the sharing part, because that actually takes more time and effort than the actual project, travel or move…

So, what did actually happen since the last time I published something on packmahome? Well, let’s see… It’s really hard to remember and summarize almost three years in a couple of sentences, but here it goes:

I had my son Gil, so now I’m a mom of two.

Just a day at a park!

We moved to a house with a garden! And now we can’t imagine our life in an apartment.

We are still learning how to grow grass…

We traveled, although not so much as I’d like.

My kids being cute!

We bought our first apartment in my hometown, Lagos. And now we want to move and live there (even though it’s an apartment).

My brother helped us assembling some furniture.

Of course I had to bring some color into our new home!

I had a tiny encounter with cancer. We disagreed and I won! Fortunately after a couple of surgeries everything seems to be fine.

The doctors used this skull to explain everything they would have to do in order to remove the tumor from my mouth. I just thought Olivia would love to see this skull!

And, most importantly! since both my kids go to the kindergarten, I decided not to go back being a kindergarten teacher but to become a full time illustrator! I finally took the leap and decided to follow one of my dreams, to be an artist and an author. So, I’m at the beginning, still learning and discovering, taking baby steps towards my goals, but eventually some day I’ll see my work published! For now, you can follow me on Instagram. Later on, hopefully before Christmas, I’ll have my website up and running with an online shop and all my work.

And yeah… That’s it for now… I won’t close this blog and probably I’ll come back more regularly with my free printables, planners, news on our moves and travels and, if I can, a couple of DIY projects. Stay tuned!