I met Lucía when I was still living in France and used to go to this Toddler Group at CERN. At the time I was responsible for getting all newcomers names and info, so I had to start chatting with them as soon as they arrived. Immediately we connected and started to talk a lot. It was friendship at first sight! Then we started to have lunch together with both of our husbands and kids. And soon we were already discovering Switzerland and France with them. It was then when I began to really enjoy my stay at Switzer-France. And now I don’t want to leave again…

Which countries have you already visited?

Greece, Morocco, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Scotland, England, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, US (California, Alaska, Hawai, Arizona, New York, Florida), Canada, Cuba, Mexico.

When did you first move out of your country and why?

I moved out of my beloved country in January of 2009. My husband (we had to marry for that purpose) was given a position in a very important National Laboratory in Livermore, California, to finish his PhD . The company where I was working bankrupted months before so an adventure of 1 year away totally seduced me. We never came back.

In which countries did you live already and for how long?

I spent 3 years in the US, 2 years in England and will spend 3 years here in France/Switzerland.

Why do you move so much? Do you enjoy moving around?

The truth is that I never planned to move so much. I am not as many others who always wanted to live abroad, the opportunity just came to me and I took the train. But now after having moved so many times I have realized that in fact that is something that I enjoy…very much. It looks like my life wouldn’t have been so exciting without all these experiences and sometimes I wonder how people can stay their entire life in the same place. There is so much to see and learn…
I like moving because when I thought that my character was already sculpted I discover that every new environment slightly shape me in a different way, so at the end although I am  still myself, I don’t know how life is going to be…and I don’t want to know!

Is there any country where you felt like you were at home?

When living in the US I fell I was treated very well, I could forget very easily all the bad moments that we could have passed, specially at the beginning. I really felt at home there in Berkeley. Although here in Geneva area I am adapting so fast that maybe I have found a substitute? It is very early yet to compare.

What do you like THE most about moving so much?

Choosing a new home! I just love creating a home wherever we are. I love decorating and doing things with my hands to making it comfortable. It is kind of a game for me 😉

In your opinion what are the biggest disadvantages of moving so much?

Well, logistics have become trickier since we had two kids. But the biggest disadvantage for me is to find the right people to share my life with, in the place where I actually live. In this case kids help a lot cause they make you go out and socialize so they can socialize too. It makes it easier therefore to find people with the same way of life and interests.

Regarding finding a home, do you prefer to rent a furnished place or an empty one?

I will definitely always rent an empty house so I can put all our stuff inside. If it doesn’t cost a fortune of course. I feel more at home when I can see all our stuff around, our memories from these past years. As long as I can I will keep them with me.

When you move to another country, what do you always take with you, no matter what?

Computer, hard disks, printed invaluable documents, and all the kids’ stuff that we so badly need these days.

Is decoration important for you or you just live with what you get?

Oops, I already answer this question I am afraid.

Do you think you’ll ever stop moving? When?

I really have no idea and the scariest is that I don’t care (only not going back to England please, God Bless me!)

Where do you picture yourself when you retire?

At the south of Spain, in Almería. In a small village with Antonio sailing boats with some tourists while I run a small business that provides us enough to live.

Any piece of advice for those who are just moving for the first time?

Never regret about something you haven’t done!

Thank you so so much Lucía! Nos vemos!