Despite all the moving hacks, tips and tricks I already knew about moving, this last move to Berlin has been (is still being) chaotic! Man… I thought I had everything under control, I thought I was an expert and I could handle everything… Turns out moving with a toddler is much more complicated than I was expecting. And moving to a completely empty apartment is another pain in the ass 🙁 And I’m not even talking about all the bureaucracy…

So, to keep me sane, focused and calm, I made another list! A list with more moving hacks, tips & tricks! Yes, making lists and planning calms me down, even if I don’t accomplish all the things I set on those lists.

Next time will be better!

As you may know, I had already created a list of my own (that apparently was not enough…), so I went to Pinterest, Youtube and Google in my quest for more tips, tricks and hacks and found sooooo many (too many!). I’ve selected the ones that could have helped me having a more peaceful move. Anyway, each link on the list will take you directly to the complete list of hacks of another blog so you don’t miss anything 😉

moving hacks list = peaceful move = sane Lena

Always learning!

  • Start planning your move at least 8 weeks in advance. Here’s the most comprehensive checklist of all the things you have to do (includes a free printable).
  • Make a huge, written down master plan. Yes, apparently I didn’t plan enough this last move… I just went with the flow. Just read here everything that happened during our move to Berlin.

  • Put Hanging Clothes In Garbage Bags. I knew this already, why didn’t I apply it? I still have clothes to take out of bags, can you believe it?
  • Pack a First-Night Box and all the items you will need first in a clear plastic bin. I also already knew this but I didn’t give it a lot of importance. It turns out it is a great tip that I will put in action the next time!
  • Take photos of your cleaned-out old home and your new home before moving in. Ok I really had this in mind. I even wrote down on my to-do list “Take a lot of pictures. They will be super useful to the blog!” But nooooo… I forgot to take pictures before we moved to the new apartment. When I remembered to photograph it the apartment was already full of boxes, bags and furniture ready to be assembled.
  • Hire a babysitter. I’ll definitely do this next time I move! Since our daughter doesn’t go to kindergarten (yet! for a number of reasons) she’s 24/7 with us (no grandpas here to help 🙁 ), which turns everything more difficult and slow. And I really feel bad because I don’t pay her enough attention and she gets bored. We don’t go outside as much as I want and she needs, we don’t play together enough… Oh well, it’s just a phase!
  • Do your own box handles (see how here). Really, it seems not important but it is very helpful! Also, watch this video, it’s not only interesting and useful it’s also entertaining.

NOTE: The pictures that are not mine are linked to their original source.

I hope this addition to my other list of moving hacks is also helpful to you.