Today I’m just popping to give you this free printable poster of mountains with a really beautiful quote from Alice Morse Earle.

We came to Geneva to spend the weekend with friends (I’ll tell you more about that later) and we were amazed to see the mountains still covered with snow. It was beautiful! I was so inspired by the Jura and the Alps that I thought of designing another illustration and make it a printable for you.

I chose this quote because when you move so many times you are constantly evaluating your choices and thinking if you did well or not. For me it’s not that hard and I just go with the flow and don’t think too much about the past nor the future (although I like to dream and make plans). I really live in the present and appreciate every day. I don’t regret much and even the not so good events that happened in my life are considered experiences that have taught me something. For my husband though it’s more complicated… And so I wanted to dedicate this quote and this illustration to him.

You can choose to download the mountains poster with the quote or without it. Just click on the image you wish to print 🙂

Oh! And yes, this illustration of the mountains was totally designed on Canva!