Here we go! One of those posts where I want to share my life with you and I can’t determine how I should begin or what I should write…

Let’s do the limbo dance!

To tell you the truth I don’t even know if there’s much to share. I’m in a limbo phase, one of those moments in life where you know that a lot is about to happen but still hasn’t, and you feel you’re doing nothing and just waiting for things to happen. You feel me?

I’m waiting for a meeting at a possible kindergarten for Olivia. I’m waiting for some family members who are coming to visit the city and us for a few days. I’m waiting for some new clothes to arrive in the mail box. I’m waiting for my first bootcamp class. I’m waiting for Summer vacations and to know where we’ll go. Waiting for the perfect day bed for our balcony to appear on the second hand market web page. Waiting for new and exciting opportunities to fall from the sky directly on my lap, without any effort from my side… 😉 (keep waiting on that Lena hahahahaha!) I’m just waiting…

In the meanwhile, it seems like I’m doing nothing, or almost nothing. But that’s not true.

Let’s bring chaos into the party!

Our house is far from the home we want but we’re getting there. Slowly, veeeery slowly. I, as always, instead of focusing in just one thing, try to make several at a time and then end up creating chaos. As if I didn’t have already a lot to do and a lot to worry about…

Take the home office, for example. It was not finished but it was already functional. My husband had his desk, his chair, his computers and geeky stuff and I had mine. We had a carpet, a bookcase, and I already had some pictures I wanted to hang on those empty white walls.

Then I decided the desks were not positioned in a very good way and thought I could change them. And so I spent one whole afternoon moving the furniture around. To end up with a messy and not functional home office… 🙁 The carpet is in the hallway, my desk is covered by, I don’t know, stuff! Oh! And some paper cutters are spread on the floor because of course Olivia had to entertain herself with something. Poor child! And I didn’t even care to put them back in their place…

Oh well, I guess tomorrow I’ll spend the day tidying up everything. Having the house messy like this depresses me and makes me a lot less productive.

Let’s just lose it!

Naturally, in a messy house things get lost… I tend to lose my cellphone a lot. I don’t know how I do it, but I’m very careless about it. Sometimes I spend one entire week without it because I left it somewhere and I can’t remember where. I suppose it’s easy when you put together some factors: careless Lena + hands on everything Olivia + messy house = lost cellphone! Easy!

I had some photos I wanted to share with you so I could show my life lately. But you’ll just have to content with these two I posted some days ago on Facebook.

Our dearest friends Edu and Silvia came from Copenhagen to visit and spent some days with us. It was awesome, we spent a great time together! It was so nice to be with them again! I hope we can visit them soon 😉

Olivia looooves to paint. It’s the perfect activity for rainy days! Lately we’ve been painting a lot and she never gets tired of it.

Let’s be positive and grateful!

Don’t you worry, it looks like I’m all grumpy and complaining a lot. But I’m not. I’m just mad because I don’t know where’s my cellphone since last Thursday, where I have all the photos I wanted to share with you… nah… just kidding!

I’m very grateful because I have a great life! I have a wonderful family, awesome friends that are like family to us, a good house to live, great neighbors, I live in a city I love, I have plans, ideas and hopes, I have the best husband who is also my best friend, who reads and spell checks all of my posts, I have the cutest daughter and I’m lucky enough to be able to spend everyday of my life with her.

So no complaints here, just good stuff and some bumps on the road, which is also good, otherwise life would be so boring, don’t you think?!?