I’m a list maker kind of person, you know? Everything I need to do and accomplish must be in a list, otherwise I tend to forget it and then of course I don’t do what needed to be done. But I’m also very disorganized as I tend to write my ideas and to do’s on every single paper I find around the house.

This year, one of my biggest goals is to be more focused and organized in that sense. Now I’m using a planner (download it for free here) and I made my own to do list notepad that I carry everywhere I go.

I took some photos of the process of making this small notepad so you too can make your own notepad! And I designed a to do list in four different colors! It’s easy as downloading the free printable here, printing it and following the instructions on the photos!

  • If you don’t have a wood press, use these binder clips
  • don’t put too much glue on the spine, otherwise it will glue the strings onto the wood press
  • I used an old world map poster as my notepad cover since my baby girl ripped it apart awhile ago and I didn’t want to throw it away
  • I used a stick stamp to mark the front of my notepad
  • My printer set automatically some huge margins on the printable to do list, so I could only use some… pay attention to the margins setup of your printer
If you decide to make your own to do list notepad using my free printable and these instructions, feel free to use the tag #PMHdiynotepad on your social media!