We bought a TV stand in second hand for 10 euros. I saw a lot of potential in it and I’m already full of ideas to transform it, make it more practical, and suit our living room decoration.

One of the main things that was missing in this TV stand was some drawers to store all my husband’s junk, AKA PS3 games, controllers and cables. And so the transformation began… with baby steps, of course!

First things first, how could I make a drawer for my TV stand using only materials that I already had at home? Like, let’s say, cardboard from all the moving boxes and fabric from an old dress 🙂

And so I planned to make three drawers, one big and two small, but like I said, baby steps. Today I’m only showing the first one, the big drawer 😉

The process is really simple and quick and I believe anyone can do it! I’m not the greatest photographer, but I think my pictures show pretty well everything that is needed to do in order to have a drawer.

First measure the cardboard and cut it into 4 pieces (this way you save more cardboard than cutting the plan of the box directly). It doesn’t matter if you have to use the painting tape to join parts, in the end it will be all covered with the fabric.

Then join the four sides of the box using the painting tape and voilà you have a box!

Now measure where you want to have the handle of your drawer and use the cutter to make two small holes.

The next step is the trickiest… though it’s doable! Measure your fabric, cut it and glue it to the sides of your box. I had a great helper 😉

With the box already fully covered in fabric, make the handle to make it look more like a drawer. Make small cuts on the fabric where you did your small holes before. Use the fabric yarn and the wooden beads to make your handle!

And that’s it! You have a drawer to store everything you need in your TV stand! And it costed you almost nothing! Zero costs, zero waste, a lot of creativity and a world full of possibilities!