Hello everyone! How are you? Did you miss me? After more than a month without publishing, I’m finally back from our vacation in Portugal with the family!

I said I’d be gone until the 4th of August but getting back into blogging is harder than I thought and so, one week later, here I am! Without a plan or backup blog posts… boooo

Remember when I said I wanted to do a lot of backstage work on the blog? Ha! I had sooooo many ideas and goals to accomplish…

You know what I did this past month while in Portugal? Nothing. Zero. Nada. I feel a bit guilty, but just a little. I needed that time to really disconnect and not think about packmahome at all, though that was quite an impossible mission ;). My plan now is to slowly come back to the blog, not putting too much pressure on it (nobody’s life is depending on my return, anyway) and then create a better plan along the way. I still have my list and eventually I’ll accomplish everything I set myself to do. On my own rhythm, ok?

Speaking about goals to accomplish and things to do, remember my Summer Bucket List? Here’s what I accomplished. I’m a bit disappointed to be honest, but Hey!, vacation is not the time to set goals, right? And in my defense, Summer is not over yet and Joaquim was working all the time until late hours in the night… Big release coming up… I hope he can have some free time by the end of August, so we can have a well deserved family vacation. Let’s see how it goes.

Though I didn’t do anything related with packmahome, I did do some things in Portugal 😉

With the family, at home, by the pool and at the beach!

We spent half of the time with my family, in Lagos (Algarve), and the other half with Joaquim’s, in Brotas (Alentejo) and in Altura (Algarve). It was really nice to watch Olivia playing with her grandparents, her uncles and cousins and our friends’ kids as well. We were amazed by her ability in bonding with everyone, especially with the children 💕

Since we had Olivia, each time we go to Portugal it’s harder and harder to leave… She really made us change! I don’t know what the future has for us, but I’m sure we’ll return to our country sooner than we ever planned. Oh well…

And what about you? What did you do while I was away in Portugal? Did you have some time out too or you’ll have your vacation now in August?
Oh, by the way, when I got back to Berlin I had some pretty cool postcards waiting for me 😉 Thank you so much!
And by the way nº2, I did do something packmahome related… I changed my social media covers and the general looks of my Pinterest profile! My idea is to slowly change the blog looks too, so stay tuned!