I’m always on the look out for inspiration, you know, pinning like crazy and wasting a lot of time, also known as procrastinating 🙂 Now serious, the majority of the furniture we bought is old or not exactly our taste, so I’ll definitely start to give them some makeovers. That’s why I put together these 5 examples of furniture transformation.

I don’t want to screw up or to waste extra time and money, therefor I need examples and ideas to see exactly what I want to do and how I will accomplish it.

I want to give a makeover to three chests of drawers, two wardrobes, the dining chairs, three benches, maybe my desk… Well, basically every piece of furniture. Hahahahaha Not kidding, I have a lot of work I want to do and I didn’t even start.


This chest of drawers is simply beautiful! It was just a plain IKEA MALM dresser with no details whatsoever, but after Nicolette stenciled the drawers with different patterns it gained a new life! I have three of these, two are in my bedroom, I’ll take this idea with me for sure! And I guess I’ll buy Nicolette’s stencils too 😉


Once again, A Beautiful Mess is a reference, but only because they do such a great work! To tell you the truth I already had this idea in mind and my plan is to do it with Oivia’s chest of drawers.


Isn’t this chair beautiful? I don’t know if I’ll decoupage my chairs with fabric, I’m thinking of applying this technique to the doors of the dresser I have in the hallway. Let’s see…


Ok, neon and studs won’t fit well in my decor style, but I love this chair! It’s so cool! So colorful and bright, and it really makes a statement! It’s just inspiring. Although I won’t copy the style, I’ll definitely take some ideas for me.


I have so many fabric rags and fabric yarn that I’m considering applying the weaving technique to one of my benches. It looks so cozy and comfortable, don’t you think? See the full tutorial here.

By the way, all the images are linked back to their original sources and the correspondent diy tutorials.


I’m eager to start my projects, one by one! Let’s see if I can accomplish everything I have in mind 😉