Did you know that it’s super hard to find inspiration to style a home office?!? Yeah… It is. At least it was for me! I didn’t find one single home office that I loved 100% 🙁 They all looked too fancy, too classic, too similar, too dark, too tidy and clutter free, too cluttered, too monochromatic, too trendy, too… blahhhh

I suppose it’s difficult to style a space that has to be above all comfortable, useful and practical. I realize that combining those three words with beauty and style must be super hard. Adapting your needs to your taste and then still having to deal with the real space you have available and your budget it’s definitely no easy task.

Let’s take the office chair for example. There are so many beautiful chairs out there! But most of them are not ergonomically designed and if they are they certainly aren’t cheap!

My point is you can never have it all… It’s impossible. You’ll always have to chose one thing over another. That’s why I couldn’t find the perfect office space for me and that’s why I’m prepared to deal with the bitterness of this reality: I won’t have the office of my dreams. At least for now.

Our Home Office

Let’s cut the whining and move on! I’m very fortunate already because we will have an office, an entire room dedicated to work. My husband will work from home so he definitely needs his space and for now I have the blog and would love to stop writing from the couch. Although Joaquim gave me total freedom to decorate the entire house, I have to take into consideration that the office will be a shared space and I have to respect his needs. But I’m just looking for inspiration, so I’ll ignore that tiny detail for now 😉


Those three pictures hanging above the desk bring me such peace… I love them! For me the office has to be a calm, relaxing and organized place, exactly what those photos reflect. And what about the crates serving as a shelving system? Perfect!


This one is close to my dream office. I love the industrial look and the touches of color in a mainly white space. But I can’t imagine me seated on that chair. It looks so uncomfortable!


A wall covered in motivational quotes? Yes! What a great idea! I like that they all are hand written in black on white paper. Simple, organized and yet powerful.


That black wall calendar is definitely my favorite feature about this home office. I also like the touch of pink with the flowers. Having flowers in the office brings me joy.


I want a cork wall too! I want it and I want it now! It’s useful and stylish! It may not be cheap though…


What I like most about this home office is how well organized it is. It’s a compact space but there’s room for everything.

Photo credits: cover photo by Tatiana Lapina, edited by me. \\ The two chairs on the second image are from Ikea. \\ All the other photos are linked in their respective description.