I’m eager to decorate Olivia’s bedroom! I think it will be a pleasure to assemble her room and finally give my daughter a space of her own. I want her room to be multi-functional and that it can grow with her, during all her stages and facing all her needs. I also want that if a brother or a sister comes along, the room can easily adapt to the siblings. So every piece of furniture has to be bought considering all of these aspects. That’s why planning and getting inspired is so important!

These are some of my top choices. It was really difficult to choose only a few, there are so many beautiful kids spaces out there (I’m referring to Pinterest, of course…).


I found this picture through Handmade Charlotte and it illustrates only a small part of a bedroom made for a Danish design and interior decoration program called Nybyggerne. Please go and check out the entire room! It’s simply adorable! I love love love the wall doodles made by Wehnerhein! From this bedroom I will take the cozy nook tent and the wall doodles.


This bedroom brings me such peace and relaxation. I like the soft gray colors and the knots pillow. I don’t like the rabbit pillow next to it though. I think it’s a great idea to use the small IKEA ladder has a side table, I will take that with me, thanks! I found this bedroom on The Design Chaser.


Is there something not to like in this bedroom? Mmmm I think not! It’s perfect and beautiful! It’s clean, soft, calming and bright. And it’s in the attic! Have I told you how much I love attics? I found it while searching for inspiration on Pinterest, but its original source is nu Interieur Ontwerp, where you can see more pictures from this bedroom.


I’ve been following LALOLE Blog for quite some time now and I always find myself wowing to the beautiful things and spaces designed by Lole, the blog’s author. She recently founded To The Wild, a company dedicated to making tents and other decorative articles for kids, or adults that never stopped being kids 🙂 The tent you see in this picture is one of those and this is her daughter’s bedroom. I love the doted wall, the pom-pom garland, the pillows, the tent and so many things! The only thing I don’t fancy that much is the chandelier.


I wouldn’t change anything about this bedroom! Nothing at all! I love the fact that it’s a kids room but it’s not childish. I really like the storage platform where the mattress lays on and I find the cloud hanging on the wall so adorable! You can see more beautifully decorated rooms on Federic Lucano Photography web page.


This room is quite different from the others above but it’s equally perfect! I think kids rooms should be peaceful but also colorful and fun. I really like this bedroom because it has a lot of color and mixes very different decoration elements, yet it’s very simple and it gives me a sense of harmony. You can see more pictures of it on Apartment Therapy, a blog I’ve been following for a couple of years.


Like I told you before, I really am into beds on the floor, meaning a mattress on the floor. That’s why this bedroom photographed by Souraya Hassan from Binti Home Blog caught my attention. Here, the bed is not only for sleeping but is also a nook for reading and chill out. As well as this bedroom, the rest of this Amsterdam home is very pretty so you totally should check it out!

In conclusion…

The adjectives that best describe what I’m looking for Olivia’s bedroom are: calming, relaxing, bright, simple, minimalistic, colorful, fun and multi-functional. Her bedroom has to have a place to sleep (naturally!), a nook to relax and read, plenty of storage and empty floor space to play freely.