Lately, with all the chaos present in our house, I’ve been feeling less inspired… I mean I still have a lot of ideas and dreams, but most of them are not packmahome related or they are long run projects that will take a while to complete. In those times, what I like to do most is scroll down my Feedly and read all those inspiring design blogs I follow (AKA procrastinating).

So I though of making a roundup of blogs that keep me inspired and give me new and fresh ideas. Though sometimes, like now, the ones I follow are not enough and I find myself craving for new sources of inspiration. So if you know any other blog that covers design, home improvement, crafts, dwelling, travels, please tell me about them in the comments section bellow! Thanks!

apartment therapy

This blog is huge, it’s like a real magazine filled with light content about home decor and improvement and news in the design world. My favorite sections are the Home Tours and the Before & After. I love to see how people make a home.

design sponge

This blog is one of my favorites of all the hundreds of blogs I follow! It covers everything from real house tours, to artists studios tours, business and life, travels, food, arts and crafts… you name it!

the style files

This one is all about dreaming… Every time I read The Style Files I dream about sunny days by the ocean, my next travel destination or a lunch with the family in a wooden table set outside under a big tree. It’s just full of beauty!

a beautiful mess

What a beautiful mess of home decor, DIY, food, travel and a bit of everything else in the middle.


It’s all about decorating beautiful spaces, making good food and living a good life.


A platform for bloggers to expose their work, it’s a great way to find inspiration and new blogs!


This Spanish blog is one of the first blogs I followed. It covers everything from illustration to home decor, to education, photography, and even to small design brands.

vintage revivals

I absolutely love this blog! It’s fearless, original, personal, fresh and simply awesome!

ohoh blog

Ama, the blogger behind Ohoh blog is so creative! I love her projects to update her home, they are simple, easy to follow and just amazing!

Do you know or follow any other blogs that you think I would like to discover? Please let me know in the comments section bellow! Thanks 😉
Note: None of the pictures on this post are mine. Every image is linked to its original source. \\ Cover photo by Annie Spratt, edited by me.