My second favorite room in the house is the bedroom. Why? Because I love to sleep! I love to stay in bed, just wondering and day dreaming. It’s in our bed where me and my daughter play, read stories and cuddle. It’s also in bed where my husband and I catch up and have the most interesting conversations.

I think I spend one third of my day in the bedroom… maybe more! Like I said in this post, before buying any furniture, I need to have a clear idea of what I want for this room, so here are some ideas of what I’m looking for.


Where should I start? I love everything about this room! I love that the mattress is standing in a simple reclaimed wood bed frame, the stars and the pictures, the books on the floor and the notebooks on the bed, the distressed look of the linen… It’s perfect! Of course I found it through Pinterest, but the original source is Bodie and Fou.


This bedroom was designed by Marie-Laure Helmkampf Interior Design and represents everything I’m looking for for my own dream home: old house renovated and made modern but still conserving old features like the wooden floors, wood beams and the brick wall. Once again, the minimalism prevails.


I have to admit that this is one of my favorites. I wouldn’t have so many things on the bed though. Even so, I love the bed frame, the linen, the Moroccan touches, the door… everything, basically! This room is from a house in Ibiza and was beautifully photographed by Menossi Fotógrafo.


Through out the years I’ve been imagining my dream home. I hope some day I’ll be able to build this dream. When that day comes, I’ll ask for an attic that’s for sure! My home has to have an attic! I love love love this bedroom from a house in Portland that I found through Design Sponge. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. I don’t know if I would put plants in my bedroom, but hey, they purify the air, so that’s not a bad idea at all! I really like that the bed consists only in a mattress on the floor.


Along with bohemian touches, I also fancy very much an industrial look, like in this minimalist bedroom founded in DigsDigs. Sorry, I couldn’t find the original source of this picture. I adore the mattress on the floor, the distressed look and the colors of the linen, the black and white photography and the wood bench serving as a side table.


I simply adore everything about this bedroom! It’s perfect, really. Like the first one, I assume it’s not anybody’s bedroom, but was designed to sell the linen and pieces of decoration. Urban Outfitters, you just read my mind!


And last but not least is this calming, pure and simple bedroom found in FrenchByDesign Blog. I adore the pallets, naturally! The brightness and all the white in this bedroom are two of my favorite features. And all the green that surrounds the house… Oh my!

In conclusion…

My bedroom has to be really simple, calming, minimalist and bright. The bed has to be close to the floor if not only a mattress on the floor. The linen will be in light colors with some touches of color. I also want a carpet and a lamp on each side of the bed. I think the wood ladder to hang the used clothes is very useful as it’s so stylish. Other thing I like is the small wooden bench serving as night stand.