This is the first time in my life that I get to decorate my own place, even though it’s a rental. The first time that I’m buying furniture. The first time that I’m investing time, money and effort in making a house feeling like my home. So I want to do things right. And before I start buying new furniture, I want to have an idea of the decoration style I want for my living room.

The living room is where we get to spend most of our time, it’s where we play with our daughter, where we watch movies, read, work, host friends and family… For us it’s the most important room of our home. That’s why it’s the first room to be decorated.

I selected a few beautiful living rooms in my search for inspiration. In every picture I have things I love and things I don’t fancy that much. Below, I’ll describe each picture and select my favorite things from them.


This living room from No Home Without You  is so cozy and calming. I love the soft colors, the white walls and sofa (I don’t think I’ll ever have a white sofa whilst I have kids at home though) and I simply adore the wooden bench/side coffee table. The carpet is beautiful and the lights hanging on the wood panel are one of my favorite features in this room. The only thing I really don’t like about the decoration is the faux taxidermy deer head hanging on the wall. Those faux taxidermy are very trendy right now but I can’t stand the idea of having an animal head hanging on my wall. The illustration behind the sofa is adorable though!


What not to like about this space? This living room is from San Giorgio Hotel, in Mykonos, Greece, and was beautifully captured by Perpetually Chic. I love love love the colorful carpet! Another thing I really like is the minimalist atmosphere, the empty spaces and the white walls. I’m already picturing my own living room decorated with the travel souvenirs I brought from Morocco to give a bohemian look to it.


Oh… Don’t you feel the urge of taking a nap just by looking at this image? This home called Maja participated in the Housing Fair Finland 2013 and I spotted it on Emmas DesignBlogg. I love the simplicity and minimalism of this living room. I love that it has a fire place (I hope some day I’ll have one too). I love the sofa made with pallets and the fact that it is floating in the air. The only thing I’d probably change is the light pine console, I’d most likely feel the need of painting it.


I selected this image from Houzz because I love the DIY media console. It’s so simple yet so stylish! I really like the match of white and plain wood. And let’s not forget that all the cables, game consoles or other media appliances that are not so pleasant to see are hidden inside of it.


I found this image on Pinterest (of course…) but it originally comes from Ellens album, a Danish blog. I really like the couch and the way the frames are disposed on a shelf instead of hanged on the wall. I also fancy those chairs from the 60’s.


The lamp, the wooden coffee table, the small wooden chest, the carpet, the simplicity of the wall decoration, the big windows… Oh I could just say I love this living room designed by Kim Timmerman!


I love: the huge floor pillows. I don’t love: the floor itself, the mirror, the coffee table. Everything else can stay! I can easily picture myself reading a book in one of those big pillows. Oh… keep dreaming Lena! I found this image here.

In conclusion…

I like white and empty spaces with small touches of color. I like a minimalist style accentuated by traveling souvenirs that give a bohemian look to the room. I prefer small cozy spaces. I like wood, gray and white. I like some touches of DIY. I like light but big carpets. I like pillows on the floor. I like airy and bright rooms. Too much “I like”? 😉