Antonio is Lucía’s husband. You can read the story of how we met here. It is really amazing how we connected so easily and fast! It looks like we’ve been friends all our lives! I’ll miss them deeply when I leave.
I interviewed Antonio separately from Lucía because although they’ve been together for so many years, they have different backgrounds and stories from when they were just kids.

When did you first move out of your country and why?

When I was 7 years. My father accepted a visiting professor position at UC Berkeley and we all moved with him for a year.

In which countries did you live already and for how long?

Spain Belgium 4 months United States 4 years United Kingdom 2 years

France, we have been living in France for the last 6 months

Why do you move so much? Do you enjoy moving around?

I love the thrill of change but also the promise of something new. Not sure which one wins but I must admit that I’ve always enjoyed it.

Is there any country where you felt like you were at home?

Although living abroad has made me challenge the concept of “home” there is something to it I haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

What do you like most about moving so much?

That you never get stuck in routine. There is always something new to do, eat, see, learn…

In your opinion what are the biggest disadvantages of moving so much?

The logistics around the move itself is the thing I like the least. More generally, now that I have children, I find myself often wondering whether this nomadic lifestyle is good or bad for them. Maybe this is a disadvantage… maybe not… still thinking…

Regarding finding a home, do you prefer to rent a furnished place or an empty one?

We typically rent unfurnished to be able to accommodate the stuff we have been accumulating throughout the years. Not that I prefer it though… It’s just unavoidable.

When you move to another country, what do you always take with you, no matter what?

Nothing. Other than the family and the passport obviously…

Is decoration important for you or you just live with what you get?

Although decoration is important to some extent, we put a lot of effort in choosing the right house and environment to live in.

Do you think you’ll ever stop moving? When?

Maybe if we ever get tired.

Where do you picture yourself when you retire?

In a warm coastal location surrounded by family and people we love.

Any piece of advice for those who are just moving for the first time?

Move in moderation, it can be addictive.

Thank you so much Antonio! We’ll stay in touch!