The first person to be interviewed is my good good friend Silvia Prieto. I met her in La Corunna, almost 7 years ago! She was one of the first friends I made in Spain and she soon became one of my best friends.

Which countries have you already visited?

China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, France, Check Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Bahamas, Cuba, Morocco, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Denmark and Switzerland.

When did you first move out of your country and why?

In 1999 to Ireland for study purposes.

In which countries did you live already and for how long?

Ireland (4 months), Hong Kong (13 months), Bulgaria (4 months) , France-Switzerland (14 months), Spain (more than 30 years).

Why do you move so much? Do you enjoy moving around?

I love it!!! New experiences, new cultures, new people…I love to discover new things and see how marvelous and diverse is the world we live in.

Is there any country where you felt like you were at home?

Every country has its lights and shadows, wonderful and crappy places. That’s why I would prefer to state places or cities which I felt homey, here they are: Berlin, Barcelona and Copenhagen.

What do you like most about moving so much?

The people you encounter along the way… that’s without any doubt the best. And moreover to the people and the other amazing new experiences that you discover, in a more practical sense, it helps you to prioritize “the materials”. You need, at least try, to keep your luggage as practical as possible, so you learn not to accumulate things just for the pleasure of doing so.

In your opinion what are the biggest disadvantages of moving so much?

Not having a place of your own. Yes, a place where you can store all the things that you would love to accumulate 😉 But never stop traveling and discovering new places.

Regarding finding a home, do you prefer to rent a furnished place or an empty one?

Furnished is much more practical. Although I must say that there are some cities where it’s quite easy to find second hand furniture. Thus, to rent an empty place could be a better option. So better to do some research beforehand.

When you move to another country, what do you always take with you, no matter what?

There are several things that can make any place feel like home; one red carpet I bought in Morocco, one lamp from the Philippines and 3 canvas I bought in China, Cuba and Bulgaria… But because they are quite heavy, if the moving is for short term, I can live without them.

Is decoration important for you or you just live with what you get?

I will try to choose a place with a decoration that fits my tastes and needs But, if that’s not feasible… I will not panic, I can live with what I get, and I will redecorate it with my special things.

Do you think you’ll ever stop moving? When?

I believe I am done moving for the shorter term, I will not look proactively for that kind of experience. Traveling, I hope I will never stop discovering new places. And for the longer term, who knows? I am open to analyze any new opportunities life wants to offer me.

Where do you picture yourself when you retire?

In any particular place, just in a homey environment with my family and friends.

Any piece of advice for those who are just moving for the first time?

Do some research before hand, internet is a wonderful source… although be aware that is not the ultimate truth and it’s good to discover the new place at your own pace. And try to do some pre-planning, it’s good to have some general information about the country you will live in: rental web places, mobile companies, second hand websites, banking system, web pages for newcomers (if you go alone they’re good for socializing).

Thank you so so much Silvia! Te quiero!

Because this is the first interview I’d love to know what you think about this format. Did you find this interview with Silvia interesting? Would you like to add any other questions? Leave your opinion in the comments section bellow 😉