I have so many sweet childhood memories, but one of my favorites is definitely starting an Advent Calendar with my mom and sister. Each year my mom would buy us one of those flat boxes with tiny windows filled with chocolates and each day we would open one window and eat one chocolate. I remember looking forward to the end of eating all the chocolates, not because of the chocolates themselves, but because it meant we were getting closer and closer to Christmas. And I loved (and still love) Christmas time! It’s one of my favorite seasons of the year!

I’m  not religious at all and I don’t celebrate Christmas in a Christian way. For me Christmas just means having the family all together in one room — and we are quite a big family — enjoying each other’s company, great food and lots of sweets 🍬 Also, let’s not forget the presents… Though nowadays I take more pleasure in giving presents than receiving them. I love wrapping them and see the smile on people’s faces when they get something from me.

Sadly, this year I won’t spend Christmas with my family… I’ll be 8 months pregnant and won’t be able to fly anymore. It wouldn’t be safe nor comfortable and I prefer not to risk it. But that doesn’t stop me from celebrating this holiday! Actually, having a daughter only makes me celebrating it even more! And we’ll have some dear friends coming over to spend it with us, win win!

I don’t know about you, but at our home we already started preparing Christmas: we hanged some lights, bought some tree decorations and made an Advent Calendar! I can’t wait to start it with Olivia!



  • 24 matchboxes
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Pine cones for decorations (optional)
  • Glue gun


  1. Empty the matchboxes;
  2. Cut a small triangle on each one so they can be easily opened;
  3. Glue the boxes all together forming a tower;
  4. Use the tape to make the matchboxes tower stronger;
  5. Wrap the tower of boxes using a beautiful wrapping paper (this one is from IKEA);
  6. Decorate your tower as you wish. I used some pine cones we picked in one of our walks in the forest (hubby‘s idea!);
  7. Decorate each match box and number them;
  8. Put some candy inside of each box (we chose to put one small chocolate and a Christmas three decoration in each box so Olivia can add them daily to our tree).

There you have it! A super simple yet beautiful Advent Calendar!

So, what do you think? Do you like it? There are so many ideas for making your own Advent Calendar, this is just one! I love it! Nothing beats something handmade, don’t you agree?
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