Finally I’m publishing the photos of our apartment before we arrived and started to fill it with our stuff! YAY!
Let me just tell you about how we got this apartment and describe it a bit before we jump to the photos.

When we lived in Berlin back in 2013 the housing prices were getting higher but it was still easy to find a good apartment for a reasonable price. Nowadays, like other big cities, Berlin is expanding and getting very trendy, so the housing prices are much higher, but the real problem is that it’s super hard to find a nice apartment (because, like us, many people moved here in the past few years).

So that was an unpleasant surprise, to say the least… One of the things I loved most about Berlin was that despite being a big capital it was super cheap! Now it’s becoming more elitist and I really don’t like that… But I’m still in love with Berlin, and it’s still cheaper than many other capitals (especially every day stuff like going to a café, eating out, etc.) 🙂 what can I say… I don’t feel the city’s vibe has changed though, so that’s a very positive thing!

I had some requirements when we were looking for an apartment:

  • I wanted an altbau (old building)
  • Preferably with real wooden floors
  • It had to be unfurnished
  • With an inbuilt and equipped kitchen

And my husband had his own:

  • Preferably located in Prenzlauer Berg (our favorite neighborhood)
  • Cheap
  • With an extra room to serve as an office (he is working from home)
  • In the ground or first floor or with an elevator
  • With an inbuilt and equipped kitchen

We got 4 out of 9 requirements, which is not bad at all! I’m pretty satisfied with this apartment and I have already so many ideas to make it our home!

We got this apartment on Air B&B. It was supposed to be our temporary apartment during one month, while we looked for a more permanent one. Turns out this was the best apartment we could find! So we talked with the owner and after a lot of negotiating she finally agreed on renting it for a whole year.

As you can see, we are very lucky, the apartment is great! I have two full rooms to furnish and decorate and the others have so little furniture that I can work around it 🙂 The down side of all this is that we promised the owner we wouldn’t drill holes on the walls (none, whatsoever!), nor paint them, nor change the lights fixtures, nor replace any of the existing furniture (big items like the sofa or the bed). We agreed on leaving the apartment exactly how it was before we came in. My rental inventory was very useful in this case.

So what do you think? Do you have any ideas on how I can hide/disguise those horrible lights fixtures?