Lately I’ve been struggling to maintain my motivation and productivity levels high on a daily basis, thus what I do at these times is to read a lot about planning, productivity, time management, motivation, etc etc And I create my own planner(s). And then I make them free for you as printables 😀

One of my last readings is this one by Just a Girl and Her Blog. In Pinterest there’s also a ton of information about productivity and time management, here’s a very interesting infographic about those subjects.

It’s hard to stay motivated and productive all year round. Even when you have a planner… By the way, have you already downloaded my free printable annual planner? If not, do it here. Sometimes it seems that time just flies out the window. Other times I feel that I have too much free time and nothing to do. Some days I go to bed under the impression I accomplished nothing that day. It sucks! But I realized that when that happens it’s because I didn’t plan nor wrote down my to dos. That’s why I created another planner!

An eternal daily planner!

One of my biggest goals is to manage more wisely and effectively my time (if you’ve been around you know that already 😉 ). From that goal comes another: to plan better every single day. But here’s the thing, even though I made a complete annual planner, I didn’t print the daily planner of it because I think it’s a waste of paper (poor planet Earth, don’t you think?) to print more than three hundred pages. Although I still feel the need to plan in detail each and every single day. That’s why I made myself an eternal daily planner!

  1. Download this free printable I created and print it;
  2. Frame it;
  3. Hang it on a visible place (I hanged mine in the kitchen/living room because it’s where we spend more time on a daily basis);
  4. You don’t need to make new holes on your walls! Use these Command Stripes, they’re awesome!
  5. Each night or early in the morning plan your day and stay motivated!
  6. Look at everything you’ve accomplished and reward yourself 😉
  7. Erase with alcohol and plan again!


How do you stay motivated and productive? Do you plan your days too? Are you using any kind of planner or you just make a daily to do list? Or you just don’t stress about it at all and go with the flow 😉 Let me know how you accomplish your goals in the comments section bellow, please.
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