Do you know the decoupage technique? It basically consists in cutting pieces of paper and glue them to something. You can make patterns and normally it’s used to decorate boxes or small furniture. You can see cool examples of decoupage here, here or here.

But did you know that you can also apply that technique to glass? Well, that’s what I just did with this window.

This will be Olivia’s corner in the living room. I want it to be very cozy and welcoming, with floor pillows, books, some toys and maybe even a big doll house made with all the cardboard we have left from the moving boxes. Joaquim, I’m thinking of you 😉 I don’t want to put curtains on this window though I want to keep some privacy, so it took me a while to think of a way of achieving that.

When I saw these napkins at IKEA it hit me! They would be perfect for Olivia’s window! Using decoupage I would not only keep some privacy, but also allow the sunlight come through the flowers. It’s also cheap, easy to make and it looks beautiful!

These IKEA napkins are perfect for the decoupage technique because they are not too soft, in fact I think they are even too stiff to clean my mouth with. They are thick and strong, perfect for this!




  1. Unfold the napkins and cut them into 4 pieces;
  2. Cut the flowers, one by one (I used 36 flowers, so it only took me 9 napkins);
  3. Separate the napkins layers. This is very easy and pleasant, once you have your flower cut;
  4. Mix 2 parts of glue with one of water;
  5. Use a brush to apply that mixture to the window;
  6. Glue the flower to the window;
  7. And apply one more layer of the glue mixture on top of the flower;
  8. Move on to the next one until you have the surface of the window covered in flowers;
  9. Let it dry (it only takes a few minutes);
  10. Remove the excess of glue with a wet cloth;
  11. And then clean it a bit better with a proper window cleaner.

And if you ever get tired of this, just wash it with water! It will come off really easily, I promise.

What do you think? Do you like the results? Would you decoupage any of your windows? Tell me in the comments section bellow 😉
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