Remember when I said we couldn’t drill holes in our walls? Did you know that our apartment doesn’t have blinds? Also, can you imagine waking up at 5 am because the sunlight is already at its best and is hitting hard on your sleepy face?

So, how could we hang some curtains without making holes, drilling and damaging our rental’s walls? I did some research and found the perfect solution!


  1. We wanted to have some privacy in our home;
  2. Olivia needed to sleep in her own bedroom;
  3. We wanted dark curtains because there are no shades in this house;
  4. We can’t drill nor damage the walls.


These Command Jumbo Hooks are perfect! They are simply the best! #notsponsored, I wish! I’m just giving my honest opinion because I’ve used them in several windows around the house.

These hooks, are cheap, easy to use, very easy to remove, they don’t leave any trace on the walls after removed AND they are really strong – I can vow for that, Olivia pulled several times the curtains while playing and they didn’t even showed any signs of coming off.

Hanging curtains in Olivia’s bedroom was one of the first things we did once we started settling down in our new home.


I also painted the hooks and the endings of the curtain pole. I wanted to give a personal touch to them 😉 And I wanted them to have a mate look. For that purpose I used this spray paint and it worked like a charm! I just had to give one coat of paint and it was fully covered.

Here comes the step by step of the best way to hang curtains without damaging your walls

Each hook comes with two sticky stripes, put them into place, on the back of the hook. Then measure where you want to hang your curtains.

Put the curtains into place, on the pole. Adjust the pole length. Put the endings. Then, just hang the pole in the hooks! 😀

The final touches… listen to your wife Joaquim!

So, what do you think? Is this a good idea or what? For us it’s perfect! When we leave this apartment we’ll just have to take everything with us and I’m 100% sure we won’t leave any trace of the curtains’ hangers. These hooks are truly the best that we could find.
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