Hey hey hey! I’m here again! Guess my previous come back notice was not that effective… 😉 No prob! I’m here to stay, and like I’ve said several times already, I want to take packmahome seriously. From this point on I can’t promise I’ll publish twice a week, though I’ll publish on a weekly basis for sure. And the reason why I’m slowing down packmahome’s publishing rhythm is… related with the big announcement I have to make.

it’s really hard to take a decently posed picture with a toddler…

YAY! That’s right, I’m pregnant with my second child! At first I wasn’t so sure if I should make this announcement on the blog but you know what? I get really tired when I’m pregnant, like the baby sucks all my energy away, and I had to have a good excuse for not showing up for blog duties so often… And I published this photo on Instagram, so… It’s completely public now and I couldn’t be prouder!

I can’t stop thinking about all the things I want to make, like decorating my rental, renovating some furniture, putting some cool ideas into practice, writing cool posts for the blog, improving my social media skills, etc etc etc. But then this thing called baby comes in and says, “Hey mom, don’t you worry, just lay down for a bit more and rest. You’ll have plenty to deal with in a few months.” And I completely respect my baby’s opinion and follow the advice I’m “given”!

So yes, from now on I’ll be slower but happier too (if that’s even possible)! Okay, the big announcement is made, let’s hop on the free printables part!


What’s the best way of getting back to work? Planning, of course! September is already here, a lot of people returned from their vacation and a lot of students are starting just now another school year. So I made a weekly planner! And a weekly schedule for those who need to divide their days into blocks. Just click on each image and the PDF download should be immediate.

I think 10 hours are more than enough for a working/studying day. If you get the chance to print and use this schedule, let me know if this format suits your needs or if you want me to make some changes to it.

If you are not studying and/or don’t need to divide your days into hours, here’s the weekly planner. Write all your to dos and appointments on the left column and then distribute them throughout the week. I hope it works for you and if not, please let me know what would you change.

I hope you have a good coming back to school or work and that my planners are useful, enjoy!

I created two Pinterest images because the big announcement has little or nothing to do with the weekly planner and schedule, so pin away my friend!