Since the time we became independent grownups paying our own bills, we’ve lived already in 7 different apartments! Some were in better condition than others but all of them were completely furnished and equipped. In most of the houses we occupied we had the luck of having nice and trustworthy landlords with whom we could talk and ask for some improvements or freedom to do some small bits of decoration.

However, when you first rent a house to someone, you don’t really know that person and if it’s going to be a peaceful and enjoyable stay, so it’s very important to build a good relationship from the beginning. We want to show the landlord that we care about their apartment and we will take good care of it, as well as paying the rent on time. So they can be flexible and allow us, for example, to do some changes that weren’t contemplated on the contract lease, like painting a wall.

So, how do we start building that relationship? How do we show the landlord that we care about the house we’re currently living in? One of the first and more important things we do when we move to a new rental is taking pictures. We photograph every and each room, we pay attention to details and take note of things that are old, worn or damaged. And then we send those pictures and notes to the landlord.

  1. show the landlord that we care about their property
  2. tell the landlord that we are responsible and serious people
  3. build a good and flexible relationship with them
  4. ask them to fix or replace things if necessary
  5. be relaxed and enjoy our home
  6. be friends with the landlord, who will show more good will in case it’s needed
  7. leave the apartment with good references

Moving to a house that’s not yours can be quite a challenge. Especially when the house is old or in need for some renovations. Sometimes it’s just some scratches on the wooden floor, a lamp that doesn’t work or a wall that needs a paint job. Either way, you should always talk with your landlord about those tiny little problems. We’ve had such a great relation with all of our landlords that for three times we even got the opportunity to renegotiate the rent value!

Apart from taking pictures, to make an inventory of everything that comes already in the house, like furniture or appliances, it is also very important, so here’s a free printable to help you on that task. Just click on the image to get the free download 🙂

So, what are the first things YOU do when you move to a new rental? What are your tricks to build a good and friendly relationship with your landlord? Did I help you in any way with this post?