A few weeks ago we did our first trip to IKEA here in Berlin! Yay! I love going to IKEA! What else is new? Who doesn’t like to go to IKEA?!? 😉 Too much IKEA? Just one more, IKEA!

As I have mentioned before, we don’t own any furniture or appliances. We don’t have plates, glasses, pillows, kitchen wares, sheets, tapestry, nothing! Nada! Every time we move we sell or give away our stuff so we can travel as light as possible. But you know what? I’m tired of that… I want to own things, I want to carry them around wherever I’m moving. I want to choose things that I like and not just focus on the cheapest price. I want things that can grow old with me. I want to feel comfortable, I want a cozy home filled with things that look like they’ve been there all along, like they belong there, you know?

So that’s why this trip to IKEA was so special. That’s why this time it was different. And that’s exactly why I opened this blog in the first place! I want to have a home, no matter where I am, for how long or if the place is rented or not. Yes, that implies spending more money and time and a lot more effort, but I think it’s worth all of that! I can do it! I have all the resources I need and I’m super motivated. Also I have the sweetest husband that agrees with almost everything I propose and is super patient about all my craziness.

So let’s hop to the fun part where I tell you all about our first trip to IKEA in Berlin! There are a few things you should know about me first though:

  1. I hate shopping (even if it’s IKEA!)
  2. I really don’t like to spend money (I didn’t want to say hate again 😉 )
  3. Normally I don’t buy or own things that don’t have a specific purpose or use
  4. I have a daughter that like every toddler on earth has too much energy and likes to see with her hands, if you know what I mean
  5. I enjoy planning

Five reasons our visit to IKEA had to be fast and effective! We went early in the morning so we could avoid big crowds, I made a list with everything we needed to buy (free printable here) and even though I didn’t have a tight budget I didn’t went crazy buying everything I liked. I was focused and determined!

In the end, I bought some things that weren’t on that list and didn’t buy others that were. We spent more money than I was expecting… Oh well… Olivia was super cool and patient all the time and we finished before expected so we had a nice and calm lunch at IKEA.

We only bought kitchen stuff, the basics (more a less). The rest has to be left for another visit 😉

For the first time in my life I bought a tablecloth (actually I bought two!), good knives (and expensive too!), a big wood cutting board and a coffee jar! I arrived home exhausted yet so happy! I was thrilled!

After I wrote this post I found some very interesting and complete blog posts with The Secrets to IKEA Shopping and Tips for Shopping at IKEA. Take a look!

Do you have any tips or advices you’d care to share on how to shop at IKEA without spending a lot of money and time? Leave a comment below 😉