Since I can remember I’ve been frequently moving. I have most of my belongings in cardboard boxes at my mom’s garage and at my parents in law’s attic. I think I also have some boxes full of memories at my grandmas’ home…

When did it all begin

I was born in Coimbra but spent my first year of life in Albufeira. I lived half of my childhood, from 2 to 9 years old, in Lagos and the other half, from 9 to 16 in Lagoa. Then in 2000 I moved again to Lagos where I lived with my grandparents for two years. In 2002 I spent one year in Mora and the next year I entered the University of Évora, where I lived and studied for four years. From 2007 to 2008 I had my first (real as an adult) job in Lagos. All of this in Portugal.

Life changing game

Then, the real adventure began… I moved abroad when I was 24 years old! I didn’t move by necessity but by the desire of knowing new places, people, cultures and ways of working and do things.  I moved together with my boyfriend (now husband) to La Corunna, in the Northwest part of Spain.

We lived and worked there for another four years. We were very happy in La Corunna, made friends for life and we traveled a lot – we did an Interrail across Europe, our honeymoon in Turkey and hubby’s dream travel to Japan.

If I’m to comfortable I feel the need to move

After four years living in the same city, I was already feeling I was home, like I lived there for all my life. So it was time to move again!

My husband felt the same way (although he’s not as adventurous as I am) and since our Interrail we had this crazy dream of living in Berlin. So we moved to Berlin! We lived there for only five months… We left not really wanting to do so, but because work made us do it.

Now we live in Saint Genis Pouilly, a (really very) small French village in the border with Geneva, Switzerland. We’re very happy, but not totally satisfied with the place we live in now. Coming from this huge magnificent city called Berlin to this town was a bit of a shock.

Lets simplify things


  • 1984 – born in Coimbra
  • lived one year in Albufeira
  • from 2 to 9 lived in Lagos
  • from 9 to 16 in Lagoa
  • lived two years in Lagos
  • one year in Mora
  • 2003 – 2007 in Évora
  • back to Lagos for one year



  • from March to August of 2013


Nomad, world citizen, wanderlust sufferer

I love my life style and I appreciate all that life has given me! I consider myself to be truly fortunate. But let’s be honest, moving so many times has its downsides.

The dark side of moving frequently

  • I have no contact (Facebook doesn’t count!) with most of my childhood and adolescence friends;
  • I don’t have a pretty well decorated home with all my travels’ souvenirs;
  • we spend a lot of money, time and energy each time we move;
  • although I want to continue traveling around the world, each year that passes I feel more and more the need to settle down (I must be getting old…).

Even so, because I am such an optimistic person, I can’t end this post in a negative way.

The bright side of moving a lot

  • Each time I move I learn so much! More than being on the sofa reading a book. I love reading, don’t get me wrong, but one thing I’m totally sure is that we learn more by doing and experiencing things than by reading about them;
  • I’ve become kind of a minimalist over the years. I don’t own too much so I don’t have to carry all the stuff with me. I don’t go for clothes shopping each season, for example. Nevertheless it still feels like I own too many things…
  • I have so many international friends and the conversation topics are endless and always interesting;
  • I have super interesting stories to tell (modesty on my way hahahahaha);
  • I learned other languages with almost zero effort;
  • My résumé is really good since I’ve worked in so many different environments.
And now you. I’d love to hear your story! Did you ever move from your home town? And abroad? Do you think I’m crazy by having this need to move all the time? Let me know what you think.