One of my many passions is illustration, so I’m always on the look out for beautiful and simple illustrations to hang on my walls. I even have an album on Pinterest solely dedicated to recollecting printed art from around the web. I’ve already selected a few I want to buy, but in the meanwhile I’ll stick with these free printable illustrations.

I have many others I truly like, but these are definitely my favorites.

1) I love Corina’s style, but from all the illustrations she sets out for free, this one must be my favorite.
2) How cute is this girl robot? Get the free printable here.
3) This geeky girl is so nice! I love her! Get this free printable illustration here.
4) I love this simple love message by milowcostblog (blog in Spanish)

5) and 8) Join The Lucky Draw Project and get free coloring pages from various Australian artists in your email’s inbox
6) Background designed by Danielle Kroll for Design Love Fest (click here to get access to the free download)
7) From all the illustrations I’m presenting here this is definitely my favorite! Get the set of 8 cactus illustrations here.

And of course I had to create my own! I take great pleasure in drawing (doodling to be more precise), but since I discovered Canva, I’m addicted to it and can’t stop creating new designs and exploring all its functionalities. So this illustration I’m giving away completely for free was entirely made in Canva (check out my account here). I hope you like it 🙂


If you printed my illustration, please let me know! I would love to see how and where you are using it!