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There are so many good books out there waiting for me to read them… that I had to make a wishlist! I’ve selected just a few of them, the ones that are related with one of packmahome‘s subjects: TRAVELING 😉 Mom, Inês, Joaquim, I’m counting on you!

4 travel books I have to own

They are all from Lonely Planet, like all the guides I already possess. But you know what? They are the very best you can find on the market! #notsponsored


1the best place to be today

By Sarah Baxter

thebestplacetobetodayThis book has been in my wishlist for so long… Since I can’t spend my entire life traveling I have to content with my dreams. And what better way to daydream than reading a book?

“There’s an idea here for every day of the year. Some suggestions are date specific – a religious holiday, a festival, an annual seasonal opening. Some give an indication of the best week, month or timeframe when perhaps it’s driest, coolest, quietest or most full of wildebeest.”


2the Travel Book

By Lonely Planet Publications

thetravelbookI love children’s books and this one seems so interesting! I can’t wait to start reading this kind of books with Olivia!

“Take a world tour through 200 countries with this brand new edition of the bestselling kids’ version of Lonely Planet’s popular The Travel Book, loaded with thousands of amazing facts on wildlife, how people live, sports, hideous and mouthwatering food, festivals and a wide range of other quirky insights on every page.”


3Ultimate Travelist

By Lonely Planet Publications

theultimatetravelistOh yeah, this is my kind of book! Let me dream, please! Someday I’ll leave everything behind and strikethrough every single destination of this travel list!

“It’s the 500 most thrilling, memorable, downright interesting places on this planet. (…) There are sights that will humble you, amaze you and surprise you. They’ll provoke thoughts, emotions or just an urgent need to tell someone about them.”


4you only live once

By Robin Barton, Cass Gilbert, David Cornthwaite, Manfreda Penfold, Patrick Kinsella, Stephanie Pearson, Adam Skolnick, Nicola Williams, Sam Haddad, Greg Benchwick, Sarah Barrell, Ben Handicott, Ann Abel, Sarah Baxter, Karyn Noble, Emily Matchar, Garth Cartwright.

youonlyliveonceAnd last but not at all least comes this handy book. I think from all four in this wishlist this is my favorite.

“What all the ideas contained within have in common is that they’re starting points. They will reignite long-forgotten desires – to learn an instrument or a language – or spark new and unexpected ambitions: why shouldn’t you move to Provence for a year?
When you know what’s stopping you, you can start working on a solution. Perhaps this book will be as useful in helping you identify obstacles as will be for refining your month’s or your year’s travel experiences. Then it’s time to turn to Lonely Planet’s extensive travel resources and begin planning the rest of your life.

‘You only live once; but if you do it right, once is enough.’ – Mae West”


WISHLIST_ 4 BOOKS ABOUT TRAVELING I WANT TO HAVE - pinterest coverDo you have any others suggestions? Do you have a book wishlist too? Tell me all about it 😉

Notes: 1. All the images are linked to Lonely Planet’s web page, though this post was not sponsored nor contains affiliate links. 2. I also used Lonely Planet’s book reviews because I didn’t read any of them (yet) and so I can’t use my own words to review them. 3. Cover photo by Maria Victoria Portelles edited by me.


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