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As I told you here, we don’t own any furniture or appliances. Thus, because we are moving to an empty rental for the first time in our adult lives, we need to buy some stuff.
So… what should we buy first for our empty new rental? What things do we absolutely need and what others can wait? Do we really need a couch in the first week of moving in? Maybe not… Do we really need a mattress and bed linen? Yeah… probably we do.
The best way to avoid being overwhelmed with this new adventure is being prepared, so I decided to make a list of things that we need and a list of things that will come with time. For that I even made a PRIORITIES SHOPPING LIST! You can download it for free by just clicking on the image bellow.

shopping list mockup

Here’s what I think we’ll really need to buy the first month of moving in to our new place:

Our Bedroom

  • mattress
  • 1 mattress protector
  • 2 sets of bed linen (we have a nordic comforter already)
  • 2 pillows

Olivia’s Bedroom

  • mattress (I think we’ll buy her a bed too)
  • 2 mattress protectors
  • 2 sets of bed linen (she has a nordic comforter already)
  • 1 pillow


  • small table
  • 2 chairs

priorities shopping list


No need to buy anything for now… Also here I want to buy new shiny things, but those can wait.

Then, with more time, this is what we need to get in order to have a home instead of just a house:

Our Bedroom

You can see some images that inspired me here.

  • bed? bed frame?
  • chest of drawers (if we need one and our wardrobe is small)
  • armchair
  • lighting
  • side tables
  • carpet(s)
  • more pillows
  • curtains

Olivia’s Bedroom

You can see what inspires me here.

  • pillows and puffs
  • carpet
  • curtains
  • storage for toys
  • storage for books
  • small table
  • 2 chairs
  • armchair (for adults)
  • lighting
  • chest of drawers (if needed)

Living and Dinning Room (yay!)

See some images that inspire me here.

  • 1 armchair/puffs/floor pillows
  • coffee table(s)
  • carpet
  • curtains
  • lighting
  • media console
  • pillows
  • table
  • 6 chairs (or one bench and 4 chairs)
  • console

About the office/office space, the kitchen, the bathroom, the entryway, the balcony or garden, those will come later and I hope you join us while I decorate all these spaces. I’m sure it will be so much fun to watch all the decoration process! I especially enjoy to see Before & After photos so I’ll post a bunch of those for certain.

Everything else that makes a home, like small decorative objects, plants, travel souvenirs, wall decoration, etc, will come over time and some day I hope to unpack my boxes and fill my home with my things. One day… Some day…

What do you think is important to buy for the first time you move to a new house? Do you make lists like mine? If so, I hope my free printable can help you smooth things down. Do you think I missed something? Help me, please…

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