My husband is a software engineer and from time to time he attends some conferences and makes business travels, so whenever I have the chance I go with him! I really don’t like to miss an opportunity to travel, even if that means being by myself all day while he’s working.

This time was no different. My husband had a business meeting in Ulm and we went with him. This long weekend getaway started in Lucerne, where we met an old friend from our time in university.

After spending all day wandering in Lucerne, we spent the night in a hotel in Winterthur, Switzerland (because it was the cheapest hotel we could find and still we paid a lot for a tiny little room) and the next morning we hit the road to Ulm.

From the moment we entered Ulm we had a very good first impression. The people we encountered were super nice, the city was not too big and its historical center had a super cozy feeling. I would describe Ulm as a typically German city, one of those you see on postcards.

ulmThe first good experience we had in Ulm was when we were entering a public parking and a very friendly man came to us and told the parking had special spots for families. We were more than happy for not having to wander the parking searching for a good spacious spot. Then, on our way out, we discovered that that nice man actually worked at the parking and he even gave us a city map and tried to explain where we should go, although his English was not that good which was cool so that way we could practice our German.

dad and Olivia_ulmAs we always do when we visit a new place we rambled for a couple of hours without worrying too much about knowing the buildings’ names or the historical facts. We like to feel the atmosphere, observe the people that pass by and find a good place to eat. Ulm is not a very big city and its historical center is quite small so we explored the city in less time than expected. We even decided where we wanted to eat!

facade restaurant_ulm

german house_ulm

tower_ulmWe were very happy that no cars were allowed in most places of the city center so Olivia could freely wander by her self too. We soon got to the city park and the Danube river. There were people laying down taking a nap, reading a book, flirting, or just looking wistful. And there was a playground too! Yay!


boats_ulmAfter an hour or so walking by the river we decided to go back and have lunch. I don’t have one single complain about this place! It was amazing! The staff was super friendly, the food was amazingly delicious and the prices quite reasonable. It was an awesome sunny day so we decided to eat outside. I wouldn’t change anything except for the wasps… Oh my… they were not aggressive or anything but annoying as hell!



delicious food_ulm

dessert ulm
Around 5pm we went to the hotel to check-in. We took a shower, rested a bit and went back to the city to have dinner. Although we loved the restaurant where we had had lunch we didn’t want to repeat it so we ended up choosing one that was not that good… Oh well, not a big deal.


house in river_ulm


cathedral_ulmDuring our stroller around the city we kept seeing these birds everywhere. We saw them in the form of statues, paintings, posters, in front of shops welcoming clients… We assumed it was like the city mascot. Turns out it’s a sparrow and there’s a legend around it. You can read the full story here.

bird_ulmThe rest of the time my husband had some meetings and it was raining so Olivia and I stayed at the hotel (we played, we read, I wrote about Lucerne and we both took a big heavy nap).

We enjoyed this city a lot. It’s rather small so I think that’s why it felt so cozy, there’s a great mix of modern and antique architecture, the people were super nice, the streets were clean and ordered, there were so many places where we could walk without worrying about cars… All in all I loved this long weekend getaway!

This post was written in August 2015.

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