We most likely will leave Switzerland by the end of the year so we are taking every opportunity we have to get to know a new place in this country. This weekend we went to Neuchâtel, another small and charming Swiss city.

joaquim and olivia neuchatel

market neuchatel

As always, we got up really early, but this time we were super lazy and didn’t leave home until it was already 10 am.  That’s why when we arrived to Neuchâtel the first thing we thought about was “where will we have lunch?” We got lucky and didn’t have to look too much for it as Music Festival was happening and there were a lot of street food standings to choose from.

music festival neuchatel

It had been a long time since we had Chinese food so we went for that. The food was really tasty and the portions were very big! The staff was friendly and we got to eat on this big communal wood table close to a stage where a band was playing.

street food neuchatel

chinese food neuchatel

The band was covering mostly country music and unfortunately was not that good, especially the singers, they had no emotion at all in their voices… It seemed like they were just reading (with a strong french accent) the lyrics. Olivia had fun though and she even danced a bit!

concert neuchatel

After lunch we went for a coffee and to explore a bit of the city. We really enjoyed this walk and could appreciate more music, beautiful buildings and a lively Neuchâtel.

lena and olivia neuchatel

roof tops neuchatel

clock tower neuchatel

clock neuchatel

houses neuchatel

drums neuchatel

My favorite moment was when we came across this pianist. I didn’t recognize the music he was playing and when I left him some coins I could see he was selling some CDs, so I assume the music he was playing was his own. It’s was beautifully calming. Olivia stood there without moving for quite a long time, considering all she wants to do now is to walk, push things and explore everything.

piano guy neuchatel

Then, we explored more, walked more, took plenty of photos and even got a bit faraway from the city center. We listened to more street music and around 4 pm we decided it was time to go back home. Before we left we went up the hill by car and got the chance to appreciate some stunning views of the lake (no pictures were taken here though…).

lake neuchatel

mural neuchatel

street art neuchatel

This post was written in June 2015.


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