This past Monday my husband had some meetings in Ulm, Germany, so we took the chance to make a long weekend getaway. We didn’t want to make a straight 6 hours road trip with Olivia, so we decided to stop on our way at Lucerne, where we would spend the day with a dear friend we hadn’t seen since our wedding, almost 5 years ago!

On Saturday morning we had a lazy breakfast at CERN and hit the road before 10am. When at home, Olivia usually takes a morning nap after breakfast and in the car she sleeps for even longer, so she slept for almost the entire 3 hours ride!

We arrived to Lucerne just in time for lunch! We met our friend and went to a Vietnamese restaurant. I didn’t take any pictures as Olivia was super mega excited and wouldn’t stop for a minute. After lunch, we went for a coffee at our friend’s work place, where we had these great views of the lake. We enjoyed our coffee and did some catching up a bit. It’s so cool when friends don’t see each other for so long and still the conversations flow so naturally that it seems like we were never apart!

views lake_lucerne
lake_lucerneOne hour later Olivia was done with the place so we went to see a bit of the city. We wandered all afternoon while our friend was showing us the highlights of the city and telling us about his life there (he is also a Portuguese expat).

joaquim and perdigao_lucerne
bridge_lucerneWe had an ice cream, we talked a lot, we played with Olivia and let her wander a bit by her own too. But it was so freakin’ hot! Since we left Portugal, we’ve been living in colder places, so every time it gets a bit hotter than usual we tend to suffer a lot. Yes… we’re ashamed of that, we lost the ability to deal with the heat.

hot day_lucerneThe good thing about Switzerland (one of the many good things about this country, actually) is that every fountain has really fresh and drinkable water. Literally you can drink from every fountain you find in Switzerland. Here you don’t need to pay 6 CHF (~ 5,50 € / 6,10 US dollars) for a bottle of water, just get to the closest fountain you find!

watering_lucerneI really liked the city and didn’t find it so big, even though we rambled for more than 4 hours.

houses_lucerneOne of the most interesting features of Lucerne is that it is visited mainly by Chinese tourists. Why? Because they come to buy high quality watches and expensive jewelry! You can see big groups of tourists wandering around the city and inside shops. You can even spot some ads made just for that group target and every jewelry has at least one Chinese employee.

chinese ads_lucerne
chinese tourists_lucerneAround 6pm it was time to leave as we still had to drive for one hour till our hotel. The next morning we hit the road again and drove to Ulm. I’ll talk about that German city on next week’s post.

happy family_lucerne

This post was written in August 2015.

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