Our initial plan for this saturday was to clean the house and go grocery shopping, but my husband had other plans. And I’m so glad he did! We still have a messy house, nevertheless we are happily tired because we got to discover Fribourg, a medieval Swiss city.

fribourg panoramic view

We woke up (truth be told, our daughter woke us up) at 6:20, so we got an early breakfast and we left directly to our spontaneous day trip. We arrived at Fribourg around 10 am and immediately liked what we saw.

fribourg view

fribourg lamp

fribourg roofs

fribourg hill with stairs

The old and most interesting and beautiful part of Fribourg is located on a very steep hill. It was a bit of a challenge to go up and down with the stroller, but was totally worth it! The city is so perfectly perfect! One of those postcard cities. Everything is in order, the old medieval buildings are very well taken care and restored, the streets are clean and there are large sidewalks for pedestrians everywhere!

fribourg market

We got the pleasant surprise of finding two different markets! I love markets! The first was the traditional farmers market and the second was a flea market.

fribourg second hand market

fribourg market tourists

Without almost realizing it, two hours passed since we began our walk through Fribourg! Time for lunch! Because we didn’t plan this trip, we didn’t have any idea of where we should have our meal, so we used Yelp, like we usually do! Yelp is a great and useful app to find restaurants and other local businesses. You can check people’s honest reviews, maps and a lot lot more! That’s how we found the Crêperie Sucré Salé (crepes restaurant Sweet Salty).

creperie sucre sale

cheese, bacon and spinach crepe

raclette crepe

nutella crepe

We had a great time and meal in this restaurant! The food was simply delicious, the staff was friendly and helpful, the place was spacious, they had baby chairs, toys and even plastic tableware so our daughter could eat by herself!

lena and olivia

stairs wall castle

joaquim and olivia

fribourg views

After lunch we went for a coffee, walked a little bit more and returned home. It was really hot, Olivia was in need for a nap and the city had been seen!

All in all, it was a perfect day! Fribourg is totally worth a visit!

fribourg covered bridge

fribourg flowers and bridge

fribourg painted roof

This post was written in June 2015.

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