One of my biggest dreams is to make a living off my art. I would love to sell my photos, my illustrations and my paintings. Maybe even write a book! Although in reality I’m just a wannabe artist, it doesn’t hurt if I keep dreaming, keep creating, keep trying and pushing my fantasies forward, right?


I picture myself in an attic with wooden beams surrounded by canvases, brushes and paints, creating side by side with Joaquim.

We both are in our fifties and we’re just enjoying a slow life. We have a garden where we plant our vegetables and fruits, Joaquim has a workshop where he can make stuff with wood and we ride our bikes to go to the nearest village to have a coffee with friends and family.


Our kids come on weekends to visit us and we have two spare bedrooms that we sporadically rent to tourists. I especially enjoy making breakfast for all of them. Our attic studio is filled with unfinished paintings and our walls are covered with our favorite paintings and photos.


The smell from a freshly baked bread spreads all over the house, which has an open plan. As a mid-afternoon snack we eat the warm bread with butter that slowly melts on top of it. We talk while we sip some hot tea as well. It’s sunny outside but cold enough to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.


While we paint upstairs we listen to some music that is loud enough to sound all over the house but not enough for having to scream if we want to talk with each other. I’m painting for an upcoming exhibition. But no pressure, just creating art and enjoying life as it is. I’m not a professional, and I don’t aim to be one, I’m just a wannabe artist.


I also sell my art online, like I’m trying to do right now 🙂 Art from a wannabe artist. I have clients from all over the world and there’s no greatest reward than selling a print of an illustration, a photo or a painting. That means that people really love my art! It’s amazing! I’m in my fifties and I still feel like a child jumping on my bed every time I sell one piece of my art.


All of my friends and every family member has at least one piece of my wannabe art. Hanging on my sister‘s kitchen wall, for example, there’s an old but still functioning clock with a photo of a fish made of spare screws, washers and other metal tools. On my mom’s office there’s a big and very old framed abstract painting. And hanging on one of my friends‘ home there’s another abstract painting filled with circles and mandalas that are not so black anymore as I once painted them. I’m so happy and thankful!


I don’t think my dreams are that crazy, and I truly believe that some day this fantasy of mine will become real. I just have to push it a bit more and keep trying and keep creating and keep dreaming. For now, I’m just a wannabe artist with an online store at Society 6.


And who knows what the future has reserved for me? Maybe I’ll get my dreams to come true, maybe not. But I’ll still be happy as long as I keep creating art and daydreaming. I can still have aspirations, even though I’m just a wannabe artist, right?


In the meantime… I’ll just keep taking pictures of Berlin 🙂 and putting them into prints for sale on my online shop at Society 6. You can buy them if you like 😉



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