One thing that I really enjoy making is to evaluate my past year and set goals for the next to come. I love to make lists and plans! Accomplishing all that I proposed to do is another thing… But that doesn’t keep me from planning and set more goals! Yeah… you can say I’m a very optimistic person 😉

To start 2016 with the right foot I already started to think about what I want to accomplish and the necessary steps to make everything happen. I’m always trying to be more purposeful with my choices, to be more productive and to use my time wisely, that’s why in the beginning of each year I take a close look at the calendar and set all my goals.

I usually set only 4 main goals (I’m optimistic but I also know myself too well) and then think about the 3 steps I have to take in order to accomplish them, so that makes a total of 12 goals, one per each month of the year.

Here’s the free PDF printable so you too can set your goals and start a more organized 2016! You can chose one of the three models I designed, just click on the one you want to print and enjoy!

goals 3     goals 2     goals 1

Also, if you subscribe to the blog you’ll receive an email with a 2016 free printable calendar AND a January calendar! WOW! How amazing is that?!?!

free annual calendar

Yes, I made 3 versions of each! I enjoy making this kind of stuff, what do you want me to say…

free january calendar planner

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