Because I love planning, dreaming and imagining so much, I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how I want my living room to look like. I even designed a mood board!

Why a mood board?

Well, as I told you before, I want to do things right and I really don’t want to waste time, effort and money decorating a rental that sooner or later I know I’ll leave. I want to make it my home while I’m here though, so I need to decorate it my way, give this apartment some Lena’s love, you know? That’s why planning is so important… And also, because I want Joaquim to visualize my ideas and understand and agree with everything I want to do 😉


When I was looking for some inspiration for our living room I wrote in conclusion:

I like white and empty spaces with small touches of color. I like a minimalist style accentuated by traveling souvenirs that give a bohemian look to the room. I prefer small cozy spaces. I like wood, gray and white. I like some touches of DIY. I like light but big carpets. I like pillows on the floor. I like airy and bright rooms.

And that’s where this mood board comes from. I think it represents everything I want for my entire home, more or less. I imagine the walls of my dream home white, with a rough touch, not perfectly finished, like those old houses’ walls that you see in beautiful traditional Greek houses (in Portugal and in Spain you can find a lot of those too, but they are not so charmingly presented on the webs…). And then, pairing with those beautifully imperfect white walls, I always imagine a home filled with furniture and decor from our travels around the world.

Even though I still don’t own any furniture from my travels, I do have some things, like pictures, lamps, mirrors and small objects that eventually will end up on some wall and hopefully create that bohemian vibe and give those colorful touches I was talking about.

Of course it will be super hard to match this mood board and my ideals to my actual living room. First because we’re not buying the furniture we really want, instead we’re buying the easiest to get and assemble, the cheapest and what’s available on the second hand market. Second because instead of an old charming house we’re living in this ultra modern and boring apartment. And third because I definitely don’t want to spend a lot of money on objects just to create a look.

mood-board-for-our-living-room-pin-coverWhat do you think of my ideas? Do you like the mood board I designed? What’s your decor style? Let me know in the comments section bellow! Let’s start a conversation 🙂


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