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I usually don’t change my home decor according to the seasons of the year but I definitely add some details to make it feel more comfy during the colder months. So I made a list of some tips and tricks on how to cozy up your home for Fall and Winter.

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To me nothing says cozy more than getting home on a cold day and curl up in the couch. I don’t have a favorite season, I simply appreciate the best of each four. And what I really like about Winter is to get home almost frozen, put my pajamas and slippers on, cuddle in the couch under a warm blanket and in the company of a warm beverage, read a book or watch a movie. That for me is the coziest idea of Winter.

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I never knew what was real winter until we moved to Berlim, where it snows for approximately three months and if you don’t have proper clothes you can’t walk the street for more than half an hour — like it happened to us the first time we moved here.

You know, I come from the South of Portugal, Algarve, where in Winter the minimum temperatures never go under 10 ºC (50 ºF). But because we are so used to warmer temperatures, that feels really cold for us 🙂 Although, since I moved to Berlin for the first time back in 2012, I got used to the real cold and now, every time I go back to my home town during Winter I feel it’s Summer again!

And let’s not talk about the sun… Here we spend weeks without even seeing a shiny sparkle in the sky and in Algarve the sun is always there to greet us. I only found out how important the sun is to me when I started missing it in La Corunna, back in 2009.


Here’s my list of tips and tricks that I use to make my home feel more cozy during colder months without necessarily changing the complete decoration.


cozy up with candles

Photo of the floor lamp by Barbara Kindlinger, edited by me. Photo of the candle with dry leaves by Silvia & Frank, edited by me.

There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than lighting up some candles and use some table lamps instead of the normal celling lights. That low light will instantly make your home much cozier and welcoming.


cozy with blankets

Photo by Kelly Sikkema, edited by me.

I have three or four blankets that I keep away during the warmer months, but when the first cold wind blows they are out laying on my couch again. Just seeing them there gives me the idea of a warmer house.


cozy with pillows

Photo by PeteLinforth, edited by me.

Another great way of making your home feel more comfy in the cooler months is to add some cushions to your couch, lay some on the floor or put more pillows on your bed.


cozy with rugs

Photo by squazimo, edited by me.

I hate those houses that are fully covered in carpet though I do like to see areas defined by some rugs. To me it’s almost mandatory having a rug in the sofá area, where I can add some floor pillows, some blankets and candles to have a super romantic and comfy moment.



Photo of the dry herbs by Allie Dearie; photo of the pines by Annie Spratt; photo of the cotton by Erbs55. All photos were edited by me.

Assemble a table center piece with some natural elements and it will make your home feel instantly prepared for the colder months. From one of your walks bring some pines, dry leaves, add some cotton and dry herbs and voilà, a cozy home is waiting for you!



cozy with tea, music and books

Photo of coffee and mittens by Worthy Of Elegance; photo of the turn table by Aline Ponce; photo of books by All photos were edited by me.

For me cold months mean staying at home, wrapped up in a blanket, drinking a hot tea, listening to some jazz and reading a book. Of course now being a mom winter months just gained a whole new meaning 😉 AKA “we have to get out and do something or else we’ll get crazy…”

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And what about you? Would you add any other tip or trick to make your home feel more cozy during Winter? Do you enjoy the colder months? What’s your favorite season? Tell me all about it in a comment 🙂



Cover photo by Paul Itkin, edited by me.




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