I don’t like trends, I really don’t… I don’t like to see everybody dressed in the same way and I hate to look for some home decor inspiration and always find the exact same decoration style. Sometimes I like one piece of furniture but start hating it when I see it in all the houses I find around the Internet. This is how much I hate trends!

I’m sick of seeing different spaces from different owners from different backgrounds decorated exactly the same way… I can’t stand these home decor trends anymore! Please be unique, original and creative! Open your horizons and explore! Why do we have the need to look like others?

I’ve always been a “trends avoider” kind of girl. I don’t know exactly why but I never liked to look similar to others. When I was younger I suffered because of that but I also made some real friends that appreciated my uniqueness. Kids can be very cruel sometimes… I have so many sad stories in my memory that I could share, though I prefer to keep the sadness away and stay with the good and beautiful moments of my youth.

HOME DECOR TRENDS I CAN’T STAND ANYMORE!I understand that WE NEED TO BELONG. Humans were not meant to live alone. No man is an island, right? We need to belong to a group, be it political, religious, fashion or sport related. I get that. We need to have similarities between us, characteristics that make us belong to the same group, I get that. What I don’t get is why all of a sudden everybody starts looking the same way, even though initially they didn’t even like that trend. Who dictates those trends anyway???

Let me show you some examples of real home decor trends that show precisely what I was protesting against.

1the Eames chair

All I can think about when I see this chair is how uncomfortable it must be. And those wires? Can you imagine all the dust it accumulates? I don’t even wan’t to talk about the price… Yet I see them everywhere! How did this become so trendy?

Eames_Molded_PlasticChairs eiffel base chrome IIHIH Image via Herman Miller

2le sac en papier

Of course, next to an Eames chair and a desk has to be a paper bag! A paper bag! Ok, I admit I don’t dislike this one, but I’m tired of seeing it, so I know I won’t have one in my home. And then I think if Olivia starts playing with it, say trying to get inside of it or drinking water close to the paper bag, well that’s a sure bye bye to le sac en papier!

le-sac-en-papier Image via Collection L’Article

3pantone colors of the year

Not to mention I simply hate this year’s colors, I keep asking myself why do I have to decorate, paint and dress with some colors chosen by a specific brand? For me, it’s just silly, sorry.

151207_EYE_PantoneColorOfTheYear20162.jpg.CROP.original-originalImage via Pantone


I love teepees, don’t get me wrong. I would love to make one for Olivia, but just because every hipster kid has one nowadays, I’ll build her an igloo! I can’t see one more teepee! Please, no more…

To-The-Wild_Playa_San_Juan-25-1000x600Image via To The Wild

5weaving wall hangings

Ok, this one I can’t explain. I don’t like them, I don’t understand them and I find it hard to believe this is a trend now. When I was a kid I did my share of weaving and I remember being bored, very bored. I admire the patience weavers have!

5Image via Maryanne Moodie

6hairpin legs

Another one that I stopped liking when I started to see it everywhere… It’s a shame, I know. Hairpin legs look awesome and they are really versatile, they go with almost every interior design style.

Birch-Ply-Bench-From-Not-On-The-High-Street-3-Of-The-Best-Hairpin-Leg-TablesImage via Not On The High Street

Now, tell me, are you like me or you like to follow the trends? Do you follow trends even when you don’t really like them?

NOTE: Cover photo by Elizabeth Lies, edited by me.


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