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Now that we have the essentials here in our new apartment, I can start thinking about the details, meaning… I have so many ideas to customize the furniture we bought and to personalize our house and make it our home! So many that I really need to plan all those projects. That’s why I made myself a DIY Project Planner, of course! And a free printable just for you 🙂

I don’t know if you are like me, but I loooove to buy craft materials. And then I love to store them in a beautiful box for a “someday I’ll do something with this” project that I never end up doing. Since we left Geneva I made a promise to myself (and to my good very patient husband) to only buy the craft materials needed for a specific project that I am really working on. That means thinking and planning. And that’s where my project planner enters!

diy project planner free print

I also have this unpleasant habit of having a great idea and putting it into practice right away… That usually results in a major fail! Once again, my DIY project planner will come handy for sure!

advantages of using this DIY project planner

  • it will save me money;
  • it will save me time;
  • it will save me resources;
  • it will help me focus;
  • it will help me prioritize;
  • it will help me stay organized!

Using the DIY project planner

I’ll have to determine the time I need to materialize my idea, where did my inspiration come from, which materials I really need, what steps I have to take to finish the project and plan my budget, so later I can tell you all about that process here on the blog!

I think this planner will be useful not only for DIY projects but also for any kind of projects that imply some planning.

diy project planner DIY PROJECT PLANNER - pinterest cover


If you want your free printable DIY Project Planner just click on the image above or here and the download should be immediate.

Do you think this free printable is useful? Write a comment and let me know 😉



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