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Embellish your walls with free printable flowers art!

This time I’m giving away three beautiful printables of flowers with graphic backgrounds. I hope you like them!

I don’t know if I told you already, but I’m addicted to Canva. Hi, I’m Lena and I am a #canvaaddict. Sorry about the spam with all the free printables lately… Well, no, I’m not sorry. Who doesn’t love free printables?!?! You can check all of them here.

This weekend we went to the park so Olivia could ride her scooter and Joaquim his roller skates. It was so nice, so warm, so relaxing and I felt so inspired that even though there were not a lot of flowers in that park, I felt the need of using them in something.

tulips flowers framed

yellow flowers framed

flowers framed

I like flowers and I like graphics

So why not mixing them together? I know this arrangement with flowers and a graphic background is not new, but I just felt like doing it. And I love how it turned out! Which one is your favorite? Mine is the one with the yellow roses and the stripes. Joaquim’s favorite is the one with the tulips and the polka dots background.

I must say I had some help creating these illustrations and they were not entirely made on Canva. The photos are from Unsplash and my husband helped me cropping and making their background transparent using GIMP. He also put my designs in those beautiful frames (mockups). So even though he is right here by my side and spellchecked this text, like he always does for all my blog posts, I would like to leave here a big thank you for your patience and love ♡ ♡ ♡

download the flowers art here

Choose which one you like best and want to print and click on the corresponding image to immediately start the download of your free PDF. Or you can print them all! I think I’ll do that myself!

tulips     flowers jar     yellow roses

I take big pleasure in designing all these free printables for you but they are a great time consumer, so I would love if you could spread the word and share this flowers art on your social media, be it Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, just share the love! Thank you! It would mean the world to me!
Choose your image to pin 😉 Or pin them all!

flowers art pin cover 2         flowers art pin cover 1         flowers art pin cover 3


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