FIMO doorbell little house - FEATURED IMAGE

I needed to have our names on our doorbell so I thought of making this cute little house out of FIMO.

In Portugal and in Spain we don’t need this, we have numbers and/or letters to identify our door, but in Germany and in France we do need to have our last names on our doorbell, otherwise the mail/delivery people won’t know where to deliver things. Like Adam said ” (…) apartments in Berlin (…) aren’t numbered. Instead, apartments are recognized by their owners’ name. While I can’t tell my friends to just ring the buzzer for Apartment #3, they’ve got to know my name (or the name of whose apartment I’m subletting). It’s much more personal but a lot less useful (…)”.

Taking this into consideration I thought it would be much more welcoming and fun to have a cute little house displaying our names. So it occurred me that maybe FIMO would be the perfect material to work with and get it done.

FIMO doorbell little house DONE!

what is FIMO?

In my mind I had this idea that FIMO was a modeling clay much like plasticine. I imagined it being very soft and easy to work with. Boy was I wrong!!?! It took me all day (no exaggeration) and a failed attempt to get this little house done! Although I’m very much pleased and proud of how it turned out, the process was rather frustrating.

All I knew was that FIMO is a modeling clay that goes into the oven and gets hard. I also knew that it is used mainly to make beads, jewelry, tiny figures, etc

It’s hard to work with FIMO…

I don’t know if my clay was dry, though it was tightly wrapped, or if it’s supposed to be like this… All I know is it was really difficult to model this clay and transform it into something nice. Maybe it was because I’m a rookie 😉 , or because I didn’t have any of the right tools for modeling it, or maybe it was just because I was working with big amounts of clay (I noticed that when I was working with tiny pieces it was much easier to model)…

FIMO doorbell little house nailed it!

You know what’s funny? Olivia thought the first house, the grilled one, was a cookie and actually bit it and tried to eat it… poor child!



It took me all morning to get one house done and 20 minutes to burn it down… The second time it only took me 2 hours of modeling and 30 minutes in the oven with the correct temperature 😀 Yay for me!!!

I forgot to take some pictures of the entire process and my hands are sore, but here’s how I did it.

FIMO doorbell little house

FIMO doorbell little house easy peasy!

FIMO doorbell little house roof

FIMO doorbell little house names


Here’s a list of everything I used to make this cute little house made of FIMO:


FIMO doorbell little house - pin coverI really had a tough time playing with FIMO, I don’t think I’ll use it again in the near future… Although I’m pretty proud of what I achieved! 😀 What do you think? Do you like my little house? Do you have any advice for me on how to work better with this modeling clay?

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