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Well well well… another year went by and I almost didn’t feel it! It seems like I was posting the 2015 planner yesterday… And we are already in November! As always, I didn’t accomplish even half of my goals, although I’m pretty satisfied with what I accomplished this year. One of my main goals was to manage my time wisely and define my priorities better which I think I did, at least for most of the days 😉

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So, to keep me on track I made another annual planner! My brand new 2016 planner! YAY! And, of course, I’m giving it away for free! Yes, completely for free! Who doesn’t like free stuff?!? There’s a catch though… I’m giving it away for my subscribers only, to show them how much I appreciate them reading my blog and follow me in my adventures.

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Just take a look at what I’ve included in my 2016 planner!

2016 planner pinterest-2

I’m already using mine! I made it in A4 format because I mainly use it at home, but you can print two pages per sheet and get a much smaller and compact version so you can take it everywhere.

If you decide to print it, don’t forget:

  • print 52 times the Menu Planner and the Weekly Planner (if you want A5 format, print 2 pages per sheet, so print only 26 sheets)
  • print 260 (without weekends) or 366 (weekends included) times the Daily Planner (if you want A5 format, print 2 pages per sheet, so print only 130 or 183 sheets)
  • print as many Notes pages as you wish
  • print as many Passwords and Contacts pages as you need
  • print 1 Cover, 1 Back Cover, 1 Main Goals page, 1 Annual Calendar, 1 for each Month, 1 Birthdays Calendar page

In case you print your own 2016 packmahome Annual Planner, you can take pictures of it and if you have some social media platforms, share it with your friends, tagging me along the way with #PMH2016planner.

Please, watch this video tutorial on how to subscribe and download the 2016 planner.

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